Saturday, March 30, 2013

News, Petitions, and an Interview

Happy Easter weekend! 

I missed the Friday lit pop yesterday, but it will resume next week. I have a paper due Monday, and with the holidays and Mini being home, I've been swamped. 

I have a lot of little news bits and links to share, so here goes...

First up, I have an interview up over at Nancy Henderson's blog.  Nancy is absolutely lovely, and I'm grateful she has hosted me there. I hope you'll drop by to say hello.

I turned in galleys a few days ago for a very sexy shorty-short erotica anthology piece. I should have an update to share about that book very soon.

There is a petition on regarding Amazon's ebook returns policy. It's about time someone has addressed this! Those who read my blog and/or Twitter regularly know I'm opposed to Amazon's practice of allowing ebook returns to go unchecked. People are openly reading and returning Kindle ebooks as if it were a lending service because they can. Some of these readers even brag about abusing the system. Some try to justify what they are doing because they can read books from the library for free. Never mind that books at the library aren't really free. Libraries purchase the books they place on their shelves. There are even publishers that target the library market. In short, if a reader purchases and reads a Kindle ebook, the author should get paid for their work. End of story. Please consider signing the Amazon Ebook Returns Fraud petition. Returns reform is long overdue!

If you haven't heard, Amazon is purchasing Goodreads. It seems Amazon has quite a portfolio going with reader's sites these days. They acquired Shelfari in 2008. Earlier today, I stumbled across this article, which is worth a read: Scott Turow of Author's Guild offers a possible (and interesting) explanation for the acquisition in this article via GalleyCat. It makes sense.

I'm curious to see how the merger turns out. I wonder if Amazon will be revising the Goodreads Terms of Service. Amazon has already disallowed authors from reviewing books on the Amazon website. I wonder if authors will be barred from posting reviews on Goodreads also. That remains to be seen.

Next week, if I get a little free time I'll blog about some of the books I've been reading lately. I'm half way through The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle (a portion of it was req. reading), and I've read a few chapters into Kat Cantrell's The Things She Says. More about those books later. I'm paring down as quickly as possible. The April Harlequin Desires should be on the shelf any day now.

That's all for now. However you choose to celebrate it, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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