Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Midpoint Madness

Campfire at Awen, March 4, 2013
Monday was the mercury retrograde midpoint. Lemme tell you, I've been feeling this cycle. It's been intense these last few days, but finally things are leveling out a bit. I'm trying to wrap up old projects, both paying and volunteer work, and I'm trying my best to take care of any business that may require my attention before the seventeenth, which is when the composition class I've enrolled in starts. 

I'm also on a waiting list for a remedial math course, but I have no idea when that will free up. Don't ask me why, but I have this feeling that right when I have to write my final paper for the composition class, I'll get a notification about the math course. I can picture jumping straight from one course into another right around the time Mini's school lets out for summer. We'll see, right?

On the writing front, I'm taking it slow. I have a couple of short stories coming out later this year, but that's all that's on the table for now. Like I said above, I have projects I need to wrap up, and until those are taken care of, I won't be starting anything new. 

Earlier tonight I dropped in at Awen to pay the rental on my book booth. I haven't been inworld for about two weeks, and thankfully I was able to fully rez. The last time I logged in, I stayed a cloud the entire time thanks to my shitty net connection. Thankfully I rezzed just fine this time, but I didn't stay inworld long. I took a few pictures wearing some of the new items I'd received since my last log in, then I called it a night.  

In the picture above, I'm wearing the Pamela hair from Truth in Swedish blonde. The outfit is called Rock Me, and it's from Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. The outfit comes with the jeans, skully t shirt, a tattoo alpha layer (not pictured) and the blue boots shown. 

That's all for now. When I have new news I'll blog again. Until next time, happy writing!

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