Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Lit Pop #6 : The Wolf Gift

Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift is my Lit Pop book of the week. Through the years, her books have inspired me, and helped to shape who I am as a reader and a writer.  

A friend I went to high school with (and who later became the maid of honor at my wedding) gave me a beat up copy of Interview with the Vampire for my 15th birthday. I left it on my bookshelf for about two weeks, and when I finally went back an picked it up, I read the entire novel in one sitting. 

In my opinion, Interview with the Vampire is one of the finest vampire novels ever written. What I find so interesting about Ms. Rice's books is the depth of her characters. Once you read her books, you walk away feeling like you sincerely know the people that inhabit those books. 

After reading "Interview", I went on to read The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, and every other book that was even remotely connected to The Vampire Chronicles. Later, I moved on to reading the Mayfair witches books, starting with Lasher

I learned about The Wolf Gift through Ms. Rice's Facebook page, and picked up a copy of the book as soon as the hardcover became available in my area. I have a weakness for werewolf stories, and I was curious to see what kind of world she'd placed her werewolves in. I was also curious how her books might compare to her sister's werewolf series. (see Alice Borchardt's  Legends of the Wolves.)

The Wolf Gift is about a young man, a journalist, who is attacked and turned into a werewolf. His lover is killed, and the focus of the book is on how he copes with the transformation while on the run from authorities. The book is written in a literary style which might not suit all readers; however, the pace makes it easy for curious writers to annotate the book (if you're the type to write in the margins) and follow how Ms. Rice gracefully builds each of her characters and moves them effortlessly through this bestselling supernatural horror story.

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The Wolf Gift
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The Wolf Gift is available at Barnes & Noble and through various other booksellers.

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My Favorite Anne Rice Interviews On Video 
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Anne Rice Quotes
"Kick out the pages every day."
"What makes a writer is writing."
"To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself."

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