Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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I keep telling myself I'm going to blog, I need to blog, and then I get swept away in the tide of crap I have to deal with everyday. By the time I get around to actually blogging, I'm so tired I'm practically brain dead. Tonight I'm being a rebel. It's not even midnight yet, and I'm blogging. I figure I better catch up on some of the goings on before the real snap,crackle, pop begins next week after hubster begins his new job.

Hubby has been in the hiring system for about two weeks now, and finally he got the call on Monday. We are so relieved. He's been out of work for about five or six months, but he's back in the workforce now. He'll be going in for manager training on Saturday so he can begin working early next week. This has taken a load of stress off of us both, and as much as I like having the man home with me during the day, I'm looking forward to having the house to myself a few days a week.

Monday was also the first day of the composition course I'm currently enrolled in. The emphasis is on writing academic essays. I need the course as a refresher so I can enroll in my local college fast track. I'm also on a waiting list for a pre-college math (aka freshman math) course that focuses on entry level algebra, but I don't anticipate hearing back about that one until June or July. At any rate, I'm going back to school. Yeah, I know. I must be out of my mind, right?

I guess it's safe to say when the Mercury Retrograde ended on Monday it gave our family that sling-shot forward motion I've heard people talk about. We hit the ground running bright and early Monday morning, and we haven't stopped since. On Monday, after I checked in on my first class, hubby and I went to Ruston and took care of our car insurance snafu. Our agent handled the problem so quickly and efficiently, I could hardly believe it. I don't know what I was expecting other than a great big mess. But she had us in and out of the office in less than thirty minutes. Everything is back in order on that front, which is a great relief since hubby will be driving out of town daily to work. I've been worried about the cars for the past two weeks, but we haven't had the chance to deal with the problem up til now.

While we were in Ruston, I made it a point to go to Wally World and check for the March Harlequin Desire romances. Once again my local Walmart has stopped carrying them. The next time I go in, and I'm going to try speaking to the manager. I don't know what else to do about it. My only other option, outside of driving to Ruston, is to drive to Monroe to check for the new books each month at Books A Million. That runs into some gas money though. I prefer to support the book store, but it takes me a half tank of gas to drive over there and back. It's much closer to go to  Ruston, so that may be my new monthly habit.

Ruston Walmart had five of the six Desire titles on the shelf, and I bought them all. A Wedding She'll Never Forget, by Robyn Grady is the only book in the March set that wasn't available. (I'll plan to look it up on Amazon for Kindle.) Out of the March set, there was only one copy of Joan Hohl's Beguiling the Boss left, and I nabbed it. Since that seems to be the book Ruston readers favored as far as shelf sales go, I'm going to read it first. (I have a book to read for class first, though. Boo!)

An interesting thing I noticed at Walmart in Ruston: they had no Blazes on the shelves, but nearly all the Desire titles for the month. In my small town, we are exactly the opposite of that. We have all the Blazes, and no Desires. I also noticed Ruston had a larger overall Harlequin section, which is kind of to be expected, really. It's a bigger store. They had more of a concentration of Harlequin American titles, Desires, and Romantic Suspense titles. So, I take it the Ruston demographic prefers American settings and cowboy tropes. The town I'm in has a larger elderly population, and seems to shelve mostly Love Inspired, Harlequin Presents, and the Romantic Suspense line. I find it very interesting to see how the shelving differences vary from town to town.

That's it for now. I've spent about two hours writing this blog post. Okay, the dogs and laundry interrupted me here and there, but it's all good. I wanted to share my latest news. For the next few weeks blogging may be hit and miss, since I have classes, lots of lectures and essays to work through. Also, I have a deadline for a short piece coming up, and Easter Holidays and Spring Break are both on the horizon for Mini Beast. With  all his combined vacation time, between March and April the kidlet will be out for 9 days. Safe to say, it's going to be busy around here!

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