Monday, February 04, 2013

Wishing and Hoping and Writing and Blogging

Writing, writing, writing. That's been my goal lately, upping my output. So far so good.

Last night I finished the re-draft of a story that has been giving me a headache for more than six months. This is the third incarnation of the beast, and it's finally...well, I was going to say finished, but no. Isn't there always more work to be done?

I don't hate this version. That would be the accurate thing to say - the truthful thing. I think that's why this version went down on the page so easily. I started from scratch, reworked my characters, my setting, the whole yarn, and almost as soon as I started writing it, the draft was done. That rarely ever happens for me. Magical story fairy, I thank you. Feel free to come sit on my shoulder again any time.

What a relief to have that bugbear out from under the writing desk. That poor story basically underwent life saving surgery while on the scrap heap. Every organ has been removed, rebuilt, and replaced. A tedious effort, but I'm happy with the results. I actually like the flow of the story now. The plot is linear and the protagonist's desire is direct, but the backdrop has a very soft, dreamy quality. The theme, the tone, and the characters all mesh together very well. The puzzle pieces fit.

Now that I have a crisp, fresh, non-suckity draft in my hands, I feel better about scrapping the other two versions. Of course I still need to clean up this new version and give it a few editorial passes, but the story is back from the dead. It's resting comfortably in recovery, stitched and bruised, but alive and breathing and healing nicely.

Tonight I'll be back in the writing cave, straightening sentences and adding a new layer to the story in recovery. Sort of post-op care before I begin revising. Then I need to pick up another project I've been working on and make a pass through it. I haven't met the minimum required word count on that one yet.

Nothing else to report at the moment. I'm sitting on a few pieces of good news. I'll share them when I can. Hopefully soon! Until next time...happy writing. ♥


  1. I haven't been writing at all. I really need to. My mother had knee replacement and have been fighting blizzards driving 50 miles to hospital. Exhausted, stressed...I must at least blog at some point.

  2. Wishing your mom a hearty "get well soon". I hope you'll be able to get some rest and unwind soon, too.

    Yikes, driving through all that snow! Take care of yourself, okay? The words will be there for you when you're in a comfortable zone again. ((hugs))

  3. Good luck keeping up with your goals. I know it's not easy.


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