Sunday, February 17, 2013

Marbles for Brains

It's been a quiet weekend with just me and the hubby. Mini has been out on winter break since the 14th, and he decided to spend the holiday with my parents. We went over to their house on Friday for a Valentine's Day BBQ, and I packed a bag for him to stay a few days. Mom and Dad had something to do in town this afternoon, so they dropped by briefly, and the whole time they were here, Mini kept insisting that he was "just visiting". He definitely didn't want to lose that last day of vacation with grandma and grandpa.

After they went back home, hubby and I drove to the store for cat food and sinus/allergy pills. I'm still on high powered antibiotics, trying to get rid of this sinus/bronchial crud that I can't seem to kick. I swear I can feel the junk rolling around in my head like a bag of marbles. When I lie down on one side, it all drains to that side and makes my ear hurt. If I turn over on the other side, it drains again and does the same thing. I'll be so glad when this stuff has cleared up. As it is, I can barely hear. But I digress... 

While at the store, hubby picked up a copy of Skyfall, so tonight we're all kicked back, watching movies, writing, chomping on potato chips, and reading. Just lounging around and being our lazy selves, which is kind of nice (okay, it's very nice) since everything has been so utterly craptastic and stressful lately.

Sometime this coming week, we have to do our taxes. That'll result in more great news, I'm sure, but it has to be done. Honestly, for better or worse, I'd rather it be done sooner than later. I don't want to think about it a day longer than I have to. 

There is one positive thing about tax time this year, though. I'll be able to take a few print books with me while having my taxes done. The ladies that work there know I write, and what I write, and they're always curious about my work. Every year they get on Amazon while I'm in the office, and they look up my latest books. Hilarious fun. They're so sweet, and they're always asking me if I have anything in paperback, so I'm going to take a few anthologies with me, stuff I have stories in. That way they can flip through the books in person. So yeah, I'm kinda bringing the bookstore to the tax ladies. Go me.

Speaking of books, I'm currently reading All Grown Up by Janice Maynard. It's a Harlequin Desire for January 2013. I've been so busy lately I haven't made it all the way through the January set yet. Anyway, I love her books. Her writing is crisp and tight - a total joy to read. She's one of my auto-buy authors, and an author worth aspiring to. I always learn something new about the craft when I read her books. 

That's enough jabber and fan girl crushing for now. I'm about to grab a cuppa tea and crack open my wip to work on it for a while. Wishing you a pleasant week ahead!  


  1. I dropped off our taxes tonight, then realized I forgot have the paperwork. So tomorrow I have to stop over again with the rest of the paperwork. We're supposed to get a blizzard, 2-3 feet of snow tomorrow so I told her I would e-mail them if I can't get out of the house!

  2. It seems like there's always some tax paperwork we have to scrounge up at the last minute. Gah. So stressful. Be safe in all that snow!


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