Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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General update: I'm behind on everything

I wish that was a joke. Life is a train wreck right now. Since it's really out of my hands, I've popped a bag of popcorn and I'm sitting here watching the cars pile up. Let fate take it where it will.  I need to write to everyone this afternoon and let them know whatever I was supposed to send this week - it will be late. Guaranteed. 

Mini has been sick for the past few days, and of course, any crud he catches I end up with it, too. Thankfully, he has winter break starting tomorrow. I didn't want him to miss a bunch of days right before the holiday, because he'd be really out of the loop when school starts again. Too, it sucks when he has a ton of makeup work to do. That's always über stressful, and I tell you, I am done with stress. Consider that card torn to shreds and tossed to the wind. I'll have no more of that, thanks.

Mini missed Monday, but I made him go on in after that since he wasn't running a fever. I basically kept him under a vaporizer, filled him chock full of vitamins, kiddie cold meds, Sunny D and whatever food I can get him to eat. Then Tuesday morning, I put him on the bus. Poor beast. It had to be done. After today, he'll have time to lie around and be a slug - which is what I feel like doing, but I can't because there's too much to do. As it stands, I'm so congested I can barely hear

When he made it home from school yesterday he was feeling sluggish, so after a ton of make up work we lounged around until dinner time playing computer games over at the Math Playground. (His favorite game is called Sugar, Sugar - a weird logic game where you try to pour grains of sugar into cups. Sometimes you have to reverse gravity and such to make it work. We couldn't get past level 19, but I digress...) 

Today, I think he's finally starting to feel better. Or at least he was jazzed to be going back to class. He got a haircut last night he's happy with and wants to show to his friends, plus today is the class V-Day party. It's good he had something fun to look forward to. Confession: I didn't remember his valentines until 1 in the morning, so I sat in here at my desk filling out Angry Birds valentine cards until the crack of dawn when I should have been writing. 

Speaking of writing, I'm in the process of revising an erotica short. The story isn't at all complicated, but it's taking me to whittle through it. I just can't seem to tap into the character. I mean, it's all there, I just - I don't know. 

I think I'm not feeling it because I'm tired and...well, sick. It's pretty much the same reaction with a romance novel by one of my favorite authors. I've been trying to read it since Sunday, but I'm just out of it. I'm not feeling it at all. I've read the back half of chapter three several times, and I'm still not connecting with the story or characters. Blah. I really think it's me, and not the stories. All I want to do is crawl under a blanket and sleep for a few days.

Anyway, that's my task for the machete my way through the tangled thorns of this story. I have until the weekend, and won't be working on anything else until this one is done. Afterwards, lots of tea, Nyquil, and sleep.  

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