Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Submission Completed : Cookie Earned

Submission sent.
Now I can have a cookie!
I've been on a very tight deadline over the past week, trying to hammer a short story into shape for submission. I finally let it go late yesterday. I sent it out into the wild, and in the aftermath, I had great intentions to blog, wash dishes, and do fifty other things.

Instead, after I got Mini bathed, teeth brushed, andready for night-night, I tucked him in and lounged on the bed talking to him about school and random stuff. Dude, I totally zonked out. Total snooze fest. I'm not sure who fell asleep first, but I woke myself up snoring around midnight.

Now I'm back in my office shredding used notes and jotting down the ones I want to keep. I'm also holding a semi-stinky KippityCat and thinking about what I'm going to do later today. Well, since it is around 4 a.m. and all. Mostly, I want to have lunch with hubby and go see my parents. And somewhere there and abouts, I also need to pay a few bills.

Dad came over yesterday while hubby was transplanting some crepe myrtle trees from the back yard over to the property line, so I wandered outside to see what was up. He had nothing major to do, was simply out visiting. I asked where mom was. For some reason she stayed home, and I think it's because hubby told her on the phone I've been on a tight deadline and had been sleeping late. Aw. That's true I've been pulling some late nights, but I could always nap later. I wish she had dropped in to visit - I miss my mummy! So, I'm taking the visitation to her house tomorrow. Maybe hubby and I can pick up lunch and go over there. Something like that.

Anyway, I'm taking a day off to think, recharge, hang out with my family folk, and God help me - clean my messy house. The house cleaning results will probably last all of five minutes, but there it is. Has to be done before the socks get up out of the dirty bin by their own starch and take over the world.

It's really difficult for me to completely unplug creatively (I start to go stir-crazy), so I imagine I'll read or jot notes - something like that - toward the evening. Actually, though, the note jotting is kind of relaxing work. A mind purge. Brain dumping. Untangling ideas strings. Whatever you want to call it, I definitely have some idea untangling to do.

I'm calling it a night...morning. Something. I've run out of things to say. In the weeks ahead, I'll be putting together some self-pubby type posts once I have a free weekend to work on them. I do have a few books and products and fun things I want to share in future posts, too. A couple of neat-o books I've read, Vampire fun stuff, and such. By the way, the image above. That is a picture of a Hershey's syrup chocolate cookie with white and milk chocolate chunks in it. Whoever developed that recipe deserves much kudos and a raise.Yum-yum!

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