Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Cells of Creation :: Habitual Doodling

Yesterday I dropped by Alison Tyler's Trollop blog, and noticed a request for pictures of notes and such for posting over at Scruffy Jottings About Filth.

I've contributed to Scruffy Jottings before. I love the idea behind the blog, and on top of that, I just happened to have a nearly complete notebook on hand with lots of fun doodles and scribbles in it.

A lot of the later pages of my current doodlebook is made up of affirmations for the new year so I decided to share those. As I mentioned above, they're being featured today over at Alison's blog, and over at her note collection blog called Scruffy Jottings About Filth.

Drop by Alison's abode (18+ only, possibly NSFW) and take a peek! The pictures I donated are different from the ones you'll see here on my personal blog. If you're curious, the linkity-link is:

That said, I am a habitual doodler. (Analyze that turn of phrase why dontcha? Heeheehee!) I fill up notebooks (college ruled, preferred) with inspiring ideas, quotes, thoughts. I write down snippets of dreams, bits of narrative, and dialogue. Stuff I overhear. Anything, really. Then I toss them aside and forget about them for long stretches of time.

It always feels kind of strange to go back and look at the really old notebooks and see what was on my mind at the time, because really, these notebooks really are like little collector containers of random thought.

These are a few snips from a nearly full notebook I've been doodling in since roughly summer of 2012. There are only a few untouched pages left. Soon, I'll need a new notebook so I can start fresh. The snips I posted here and some of my favorites. I hope you like them! :o)


  1. That's very cool. DH bought me a leather bound journal for Xmas and I feel like its too pretty to journal in. This inspires me to just start writing in it!

  2. Oh, definitely, Nancy! Don't let all that blank paper go unused. :o) When I dip into my notebooks I tell myself "there are no mistakes". When jotting stuff down, I go for it wherever there's room and cluster stuff in there. :)


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