Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 :: Settling In to Write

Today is the last day of our family holiday. In the morning, Mini will be back to school, and I will be back to my regular writing schedule. Actually, I'm looking forward to trying out a handful of new time management techniques to see if I can boost my writing productivity. One of my goals for 2013 is to write more without sacrificing quality - and without killing myself later with rewrites.

I have a story due at the end of the week, and I'm about 85% finished with it. The opening scene was giving me fits. I had a lot of information to fit in there without it sounding like info dump. Well, after rewriting, arranging, and rearranging, I'm happy with the story starter. And overall, the project turned out much hotter than I thought it would (yay!). I have a few pages left to snip, prune, rearrange and tweak before it's ready to go out the door to my editor, but the story is finally "there". #socksdance

After this project is done, it will be time to wrangle with the stragglers from 2012. Not just writing projects. All the lingering things I need to take care of. I'm making 2013 my year of clearing out. My year of getting shit straight.

Stories, accumulated junk, guilt, emotional baggage, toxic all has to go. And it will go. The purging has already begun.

On the writerly level, it's my year of discernment. I'm going to throw out the projects that I've clung to but know deep down I will never write because I'm just not enthusiastic enough about them. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm going wrestle those nearly complete projects into submission and kick them out the door, one story at a time. Most of them are hanging on by a thread anyway, super close to completion, but I keep getting all nit-picky with them, and so they remain on my harddrive, slowly gathering dust.

It's time to Let go. Move on. Write and release. That is my new mantra for 2013. As I will it, so mote it be.

Late last night, I noticed Chasing Moonlight, my latest Werekind werewolf story, is now available at both Barnes & Noble and If you do happen to drop by the Amazon page for Chasing Moonlight, please give the "Like" box a thumbs up. I would greatly appreciate it!

In other writerly news... For a limited time, you can buy What She Doesn't Know, my erotica collection (for readers 18 and older only!) for .99 cents through Smashwords with the code PA52B . The coupon is good through February 2nd, 2013. Just apply the code above at checkout.

What She Doesn't Know is a collection of 5 erotic short stories. If you like reading contemporary erotica (this is not a romance title), drop by Smashwords to read a sample:

In the weeks ahead, I'm going to start a more regular blogging schedule. Probably Mondays and Fridays. OR  Modays or Fridays. I'm still trying to decide on once or twice a week. I slacked off blogging at the end of last year because...well, I had a lot of work to do last quarter, and sometimes when I start working on a project the days bleed into nights, and I can be stuck at the computer (and in my own imagination) for hours at a time. It all starts to blend. The routine of it. I never write that into blog posts as it seems far too boring for anyone to ever want to read. While I started this blog mostly as personal catharsis and to hear myself ramble, I do aim to please.

Sooo...if there is anything bookish or writerly you'd like me to blog about - such as self-publishing, the now ongoing hunt to find Harlequin Desire books (my store has once again stopped stocking them!), or my love of collecting How-To books, or my forray into making writerly-ish discussion videos (mostly for myself) - leave a comment. I'll see what I can do. Or, ask a question. I'll be happy to answer. If the answer requires more space than a comment box, I may even do a whole post on the subject. Let's have some friendly book discussion. I'm all ears!

That's all for today. I have go clean the catbox, put the laundry going, and do the dishes. Boo. Hiss. All the neverending stinky work that always, always, always has to be done. Neverending, forever and ever....{fainting couch} Le sigh. It's 2013 for Pete's Sake. Where's my Rosie the robot housekeeper already?

Ah, well. One can always dream, right? ;o)


  1. How about blogging about self publishing? That's always interesting.

  2. Sounds good to me, Nancy! I can only speak from my experiences so far, but I do intend to self publish a few stories this year. I'll be sure to note my process.


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