Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Rainy Tuesday and Author Copies

It's December already, can you believe it? Hubby and I need to pick out a day to go Christmas shopping, but the whole house has been sick since the Thanksgiving holidays. We haven't even put up our Christmas tree yet. We gotta fix that this weekend.

I'm feeling a little better now, and to celebrate, I spent the day processing the finalists' entries for the Suzannah contest. Now that they've all been sent off to the final round judges, I'm free until the end of January to tend to all my back burner projects and  tie up loose ends. There is so much to catch up on. I'll probably need to make a list to check stuff off as I go.

I'd planned to run to the store this afternoon, but I got caught up in a freelance project I'm supposed to turn in tomorrow. Too, it's been thundering and raining all day, and I don't really want to go out in all that mess. I'm not over this cough yet, and I worry about JakeDog (who is roughly 6 months old). He's terrified of the thunder. I'm reluctant to leave him home alone because we've had a hard time getting him to go outside to do his doggy business as it is. To leave him home alone while it's thundering? Yeah, that's asking for disaster.

Speaking of "doggy business" training...

Earlier today I found a "puddle" in the hallway, and assumed that Jake had an accident. I mopped it up, and went about tidying the house. About thirty minutes later, I went into the bathroom to put up fresh towels and saw a wet ring around the bottom of the hot water heater. The puddle in the hallway didn't have anything to do with Jake Dog. Le sigh. The hot water heater had leaked into the hallway. And it's still leaking. It looks like Santa may have to bring us a new hot water heater for Christmas this year. Hubby and I have to go price them tomorrow.

That's pretty much all the new news. Oh, there is a bright side to all this chatter. I received the author copies for Morning, Noon, and Night yesterday. Pretty, pretty. I keep flipping through them and reading a few paragraphs here and there. That's enough to make me a happy girl. For now, anyway. ;o)

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