Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Writerly Recap

The end is near! I'm so glad to see 2012 scuttle out the door. What a horrid year it's been for us, but I'm not going to let that get to me. 2013 is going to be brilliant, positive, prosperous, and full of opportunity. The possibilities are endless. :o)

I read many, many writing articles daily, and it's difficult to keep track of who wrote what and who said what. In 2012, the one bit of writing information that has stuck with me was said by Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn. When you settle in to work, enter your office, or however you kick off your writing workday, 80% of your time should be spent putting words on the page. 15% of your time should be spent promoting, blogging, marketing, learning, submitting, and all the other things we do that isn't writing. 

That is going to be one of my primary writing goals in 2013. 80% of my writerly time will be spent putting words on the page. As for my other primary writing goals, I want to take more risks and step outside my comfort zone. I want to submit more work and generate more sales. I want to submit a contemporary category novel to Harlequin Desire, and when my erotic vampire novel is ready, I want to send that out to one or more of the three publishers I feel it's targeted toward. More about that in my recap list. 
Writing-wise, I grew by leaps and bounds in 2012, but it wasn't easy. I have lots of scars, a couple of rejections, and scraped knees to show for my efforts. Even so, I'm happy with the progress I've made. 

Below is my writerly recap for 2012. I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but this is still a good assemblage of events. For additional bits and bobs, I have a partial list on my website News & Trailers page under the What's New section.

2012 Writerly Recap
  • Chasing Moonlight - new Werekind story - written, accepted, and published - available ebook
  • Little Deaths - published in the Coming Together, Hungry for Love antho - available print and ebook
  • 4 p.m. No Show - published in the Morning Noon and Night antho - available print and ebook
  • Prince of Thorns - published in the Ultimate Angels antho - available print and ebook
  • What She Doesn't Know - my first erotica collection - self published - available on Smashwords
  • Five themed stories written for a vampire erotica collection - soon to be edited/uploaded
  • BDSM role play micro short story - sent into the wild and has received a "yes"
  • Wrote 5 new (non-targeted theme) erotic short stories - all of them complete and staring at me from the editing stack - the final I.L. story, sexy beach story, salon story, mechanic story, zombie
  • Finished the rough outline and synopsis for a 50k novel I'm targeting to Harlequin Desire 
  • Rewrote page 28 of the GalleyCat Varney the Vampire Literary Remix - available as a free download on Smashwords
  • Wrote tentative first draft for T.V.P. vampire novel - 80k and sitting at...95%. I'd say compete, but then last night I came up with a hot new scene for that book, so subconsciously it's not finished yet. Targeting this book toward EC, Aphrodisia, or Mischief. Should be ready to send out in the spring/early summer.
  • Participated in two (one-stop) blog/book release tours
  • Attended several writing workshops hosted through RWA University and Savvy Authors
  • Received my first ever print author copies via snail mail (So exciting!!!)
  • Completed a 6 week proofing/editing certificate program at LA Tech - more skills for my writerly tool kit
  • Volunteered for and still serving as the contest coordinator for the 2012 Suzannah Contest - NolaStars Chapter of RWA (Shreveport/Bossier area)
This is my last blog post for 2012. Here's to a New Year filled with lots of promise. See you all in 2013! :o)

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