Monday, November 19, 2012

Writerly Randomness :: Believe in Your Dreams

Is it Turkey Day, yet? I'm ready to hang out with the family, eat too much good food, then find a cozy space to read until I pass out. That, friends, is my ideal Thanksgiving day. Add some Charlie Brown on TV during all that, and I'll be in heaven.

I've been sick for the past week, so this year I'm especially thankful I'm feeling better. It seems like every year I get sick around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it's always one of those lingering cases of ick that carries over to the New Year. Bah humbug on that. I'm resisting this year. I've got too many cool projects tucked under my Santa hat to be sick, so be gone foul germs.

Currently, I'm working on a sexy mechanic story and trying to meet the base word count. This is a deadline piece, and I do much better with that whole lump of word clay to deal with during the rewriting phase. So that's that. I'm giving myself until Wednesday to have that one ready to set aside for revising.

Last night, I made another pass over The Butterfly Prince. It's gradually shaping up. I don't know why this story has been such a bear, but I haven't had fits quite like this since I was writing Wicked Temptation. At any rate, I'll be making yet another pass over TBP tonight, and looking for anything that I can snip out of there to pare down the word count. The story seems to grow and grow every time I open the file. Gak. This is supposed to be a short story. That said, it will be ready to go to the freelance editor soon. Hurray for that. I'm more than ready to release this one out into the wild.

I have some freelance things to wrap up this evening, so I better hop to it. Oh! One last thing before I go... Tomorrow, here on the blog, I'll be hosting a stop in the Morning, Noon, and Night blog tour. I'll be talking about where I recount my tales of traveling to New Orleans, and where I came up with the inspiration/story idea for 4 P.M. No Show. I hope you'll drop by and say hello. :o)

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