Friday, November 16, 2012

NaNo Update :: Tempest in a Teapot

Hurray for Friday! I have a huge writerly weekend planned. Now, let's see if I can manage to stave off sickness long enough to make it through. That said, how's everyone's NaNo project going?

Yesterday, I hit the conflict wall with my characters. I knew it would come to this sooner or later. My manuscript is sitting at the 25k mark, and I'm at that first bend or break point. Someone, either the hero or heroine, is going to have to make an uncomfortable concession in the name of love.

I call this the first adjustment phase of the relationship. It's sort of a peace making moment. The couple is attracted to each other, they admit they need each other to reach their goals, now they are getting to know each other a little better. As soon as they strip away that surface layer of their personality, and they begin to learn more about what makes the other person tick, it causes friction.

The heroine is making the first concession in this particular story. She has to since she's in no situation to bargain with the hero. But, once she makes that concession, and effectively puts her life in his hands, that knocks the ball into the hero's court. They'll run with this for a while, then the hero will have to make the next concession. It will go back and forth like this until the last 25% of the book, when one of them will have to make "the big sacrifice".

I didn't plot this particular romance the same way as I have with my previous stories. I decided to give the characters the reigns and more or less let them dictate where they want to go. Doing so has been more...I don't know, organic? for the characters. But it looks like I may have to take a day or two and map out the back and forth between the hero and heroine little more. Maybe make a flow chart to make sure I don't miss any potential twists that could benefit the story.

These characters have a whole lotta junk to work through, and it's going to take patience, trust, and sacrifice on everyone's part to get them to a happily ever after. Honestly, at first glance, you look at the hero and heroine and have to wonder how the heck their relationship is ever going to work out. But it does. And in the long run, I think telling their tale will be worth the headache. These characters have been brewing in the back of my mind for a few years now. I'm ready to release them. They've both had rough lives, and they deserve to find happiness.


  1. Looking forward to reading it once it's done.

  2. Thanks, Mary. :) Are you NaNo-ing this year?


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