Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fallen Angels and Book Club Selections

It's finally here! Ultimate Angels: Tales of Winged Warriors is now available for the Kindle. The trade paperback version will be available soon through Amazon if you prefer paper print. This book contains my short story Prince of Thorns, which has fallen angels, blood spells, and swords. I hope you'll check it out.

Also, I found out last night Morning, Noon, and Night is a romance book club selection. It's available in an exclusive hard cover edition offered through Rhapsody Book Club. I'm totally jazzed to see the book listed over there. Awesomeness!

Going by Mini's school calendar (which has a huge impact on my daily life), I have three weeks left to get Butterfly and the rest of my top priority projects wrapped up if I hope to have them uploaded and/or sent off before the Christmas holidays. No pressure, right?

With Butterfly, I have seven sections left to go over before it's ready for the next stage of editing. So, I better get busy. It's not the only project on my rush to-do list, either. Quick, someone take up the whip. I'm probably going to need it!

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