Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog Tour Stop :: New Orleans

Welcome to my stop along the Morning, Noon, and Night blog tour! 

When the lovely Alison Tyler asked me to blog about the idea behind the story I'd contributed for the Morning, Noon, and Night anthology, I happily agreed to share the origins of my inspiration.

My story, 4 P.M. No Show, is about a couple who owns an esoteric/occult shop in New Orleans. When one of their regular clients fails to show up for a tarot appointment, they take advantage of the downtime by sneaking into the back room for a sexy, afternoon rendezvous.

I have a soft spot for New Orleans. Hubby and I spent our second wedding anniversary there - essentially, our postponed honeymoon vacation. Of course, it rained on us the entire time we were in the city, but we didn't let that stop us from having a great time. 

On that same trip, we visited an occult shop located in a small, shabby, brick building a few blocks away from Jackson Square, in the French Quarter. The shop had no sign hanging out front advertising its name or what they sold there, but you could peer in the front window and see incense, tarot decks, green man figures, and a rainbow selection of folded altar cloths. Looking back, I think the business was probably just a few months shy of closing its doors forever when we dropped by that evening. Indeed, the business is gone now.

The building itself still exists, but on our last trip to New Orleans (in August of this year), it was vacant. Still vacant, I should probably say. Every time we've gone back to New Orleans, we've walked past there, and it's always closed. Always empty. Perhaps the building is not habitable anymore. After Hurricane Katrina, that's certainly a possibility, but I have no way of knowing for sure. 

Even so, that occult shop is still alive in my imagination. I've written at least three short stories with that specific building in mind, although I tend to move its location around the French Quarter to suit my needs. 

That said, I'm pleased to be able to share my Morning, Noon, and Night story with you. To this day, there is something about that little shop that keeps drawing me back. I like to think it's magick.

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