Thursday, September 13, 2012

Revising on a Deadline

I finished the draft of my latest Werekind story around 1 a.m., so next on the agenda - revisions. I have roughly 8 days left to beat this manuscript into shape before submission, so I've been looking at a plan of attack before diving in head first.

Of course, my printer decided to wait until today to start giving me major fits, but I managed to get the first half of my manuscript printed out. After Mini gets home from school, I'll wrangle with the printer for the second half. What can I say? I work better on hard copy.

Personal editing checklist. What I know I'm going to have to look for:

  • Read through and mark up
  • Check for plot holes and inconsistencies
  • Look for redundant phrases.
  • Straighten sentences 
  • Look for cause/effect pattern - motivation/reaction units
  • Sharpen hooks
  • Search for crutch words: felt, saw, knew, etc.

I'll probably run into more things to check, but that's what I know to watch for right off hand. Whatever the length of the story, I usually go over a book in three passes. For this particular story, I'm trying to factor in the time I have to work with vs. what I need to do. I've already highlighted the remaining project days on the calendar in preparation. I'll know more about what the book needs once I do a read through tonight. Whew! Wish me luck.

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