Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun, Magic, and Strawberry Incense

Happy Saturday, everyone! 

I'm in the throes of deadline panic, but it's all good because today I got a sweet mention over at Alison Tyler's blog for my story in the upcoming Morning, Noon, and Night anthology. (Cleis Press, November 14, 2012)

A snip from the totally orsum Sommer Marsden...

"There are writers who just seem to make me happy, no matter what they write they bring a smile to my face. Cora Zane is one of those writers. I think the person she is shines through in her writing so, I always feel lucky to read her work. Cora manages to mix a bit fun and magic into her stories and "No Show" didn't let me down."

Check out everything the lovely Sommer Marsden had to say about 4 P.M. No Show, my story in the upcoming anthology. *sniff, sniff* Thank you, Sommer! 

Morning, Noon, and Night is available for pre-order at Barnes and Noble in paperback and for the Nook. You can also purchase if for the Kindle, and in paperback at Amazon. If you drop by one of the purchase pages, be sure to "like" us. It's much appreciated!

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