Friday, August 10, 2012

Women's Intuition & Life in General

I'm a little slow off the mark today, and I have a mammoth to-do list. So far all I've managed to accomplish is breakfast and two loads of laundry. Hubby is running rings around me, I swear. First thing out of bed, he's out the door mowing the lawn and taking down Oldest's welcome home banner. Just watching him makes me feel like a slug.

Anyway, we're doing all this in prep of leaving for New Orleans this weekend. We're basically hauling Oldest over there to catch a flight, but it's a long drive so we're going to get a hotel and stay the night, rather than come straight back home.

While we're in the city, we're going to walk the French Quarter, of course, and we're also going over to Riverwalk Mall, and the lapidary on St. Peter Street. Oldest's never been there before, so it should be fun.

Mini and SassiePup will be staying with grandma and grandpa while we're gone, and I hope to leave the house spotless so there's no cleaning to do once we get back. I'm going to have freelance work waiting on me when I return, and I need to take care of a few last minute things before entries start rolling in for the Suzannah contest, which opens on August 15th.

This afternoon hubby has a beta testing thing to do, so once I get home from running errands, I'll be off the net. That's okay, because I really need to be working on my book, and the net is such a distraction anyway. Big surprise, right?

Moving along... I drew a tarot card for the day using The Halloween Tarot, my favorite deck. My card for Friday is The High Priestess. This card is about intuition, and breaking away from traditional roles and ways of thinking. With that in mind, the symbolism on the Halloween High Priestess card is very interesting, and fits the basic idea of breaking away from tradition with its differences from the Rider-Waite version.

The first thing I notice about the card is that the black and white Boaz and Jochim pillars from the Temple of Solomon have been turned into two towers standing in a fertile pomegranate garden. Pillars and towers serve two different purposes. Pillars hold up a structure, or an ideal. Towers represent defense, foresight, and protecting treasures - including knowledge. However, the pillars and towers in both the Rider-Waite and the Halloween versions are defined by their color and distance from one another, and the secrets they uphold and protect. They represent endings and beginnings of life's universal cycle. Between them exists the mysteries of all that is.

The High Priestess stands between the towers/pillars, as a mediator between what is essentially the mysteries of life, the universe, and its cycles. On the Rider-Waite card, the High Priestess sits holding a Torah. On the Halloween card, she is a standing vampire, holding a book with a red marker. The symbolism is different, but the idea is the same. She has divine knowledge, and the gift she offers us is intuition.

As I said above, this card is about intuition, in particular, women's intuition. So, women who get this card should really listen to their inner goddess. The card is also about breaking away from traditional roles and ways of thinking. Only priests were allowed in the temple, and there would have been a curtain stretched between the pillars so that no one could see what was back there but the priests.

Here we have a card that shows this priestess, a woman, an immortal (vampire), and the curtain is stripped away. She is standing on a crescent and appears to be singing, shouting, or perhaps even offering a prophesy. The black cat leans forward to hear what wise things she has to say. No matter what she's saying or singing, you can tell by the look on her face she enjoys, and is comfortable with, her own power and is willing to share her knowledge with those willing to listen.

This card is complex. It addresses the mysteries in our lives, the things that are hidden, and divine knowledge passed on to us through dreams and intuition from the universal source beyond the veil. When I am wondering what to do in a tough situation, when I'm torn between two options, this card can mean it's time to ditch conventional methods that aren't working, and step off the traditional path. The important thing to concentrate on is getting the job done, rather than concentrating on what tools we're using to do the job. In other words, go with what feels right to you.

A very fitting card for where I find myself right now. Heh.

That's all for now. I'm going to try to update my twitter and /or Facebook while I'm gone, but I probably won't have time to blog again until Monday. When I come back, I'll have pictures to share. Until then, best wishes and happy writing!

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  1. Busy busy. Can't wait to see the pictures. have fun.


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