Friday, August 24, 2012

Self-Editing & Book Island

It's already after midnight, but I'm up late reading through this manuscript and making notes. Right now, I'm going through each scene and jotting down who the scene is about, and what's going on. That way I'll be able to find any lurking plot holes before I start any rewrites. I don't want to spend more than two weeks cleaning this up, rewriting it or whatever, so I'm trying to spare myself a headache later on by being thorough.

Today I rented a new building in Second Life. I don't know how long I'll keep it, but it's in a good location. I'm right down the street from the teleport point at Pulitzer Square on Book Island. If you want to find my book shop in world, when you teleport into Book Island, stop where you are and turn around to face the building behind you and you'll see a street running in front of the shops. Follow that street to the left, and it'll take you into a through way going between the buildings. I'm the first door on the left. My posters are in place, and there is a small seating area. I'll snap some pics of the booth once have time to make a sign to stick above the door. Feel free to send me a notecard if you come in world and drop by the shop.

I got my resident's tag today and put up posters, then I walked across the sim to the writing area. It's nice and quiet, and there are tables and typewriters for you to seat your avatar while you write. You can even timed write if you're so inclined. There are hour glass timekeepers in the writing area.

Anyway, all I have left to do is put out a few freebies, get my sign up, and put up a touch box to bring up my website. I'm going to try to get that sorted out this weekend.

Tomorrow, I'll be running errands and writing. Er, editing, rather. I'm doing everything I can to get this story finished and out of my hair. With that in mind, I better get back to work. Happy Friday, everyone! :o)

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