Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pages and Pages

So much is going on I don't really know where to begin. I've been super busy these past few days. There are several small projects I'm working on, and some extra freelance work has come my way, which I greatly appreciate. I've also been working on Twilight's Edge, and I finally finally finished The Butterfly Prince. It needs another round of edits, I think, but it's getting there.

I read through about 11 pages of edits tonight, and did a round of clean up. I need to print out an editor's cheat sheet, but my printer isn't wanting to cooperate with me. Whenever I put more than one sheet of paper into the sheet feeder, the carriage picks up the whole ream and runs it through like one big page. That's just one of my printer's new tricks. Ugh. So, I have to print one paper at a time, and feed each sheet individually. It sucks, but unfortunately buying a replacement will have to wait until my next batch of royalty checks come in. But that's neither here nor there. What's important is doing a little bit at a time, and getting it out of the way.

That said, it won't be much longer now before Twilight's Edge is up on Smashwords. I tell you, getting this book out the door would be a most awesome birthday present. Do you hear that, universe? I just have editing and formatting to do, and it will be ready for a digital release.

That's just the tip top of what's going on with me. Mini, thankfully, is doing okay in school, and even though I wish hubby was back working, I'm grateful he's been home to help me with some of the little things around here. Lately, I don't know how I would've managed to get everything done if he was working away from home.

What else is going on...let'see... Oh! The Suzannah Contest is open. I can't forget to mention that. I'm a 2012 Coordinator for the contest. If you have a romance manuscript you're working on, you might to drop over to the website and take a look at this year's list of final round judges. Ah-ma-zing lineup, y'all. For real. The people who final in the Suzannah have their entry sent to ALL SIX final round judges. Again...go look at that list to see the final round judges. Just WOW. No kidding. The contest is a great opportunity to get your work in front of some of the industry's top editors and agents, so be sure to read through the contest pages and send us your entry.

Today's picture is from Second Life. I haven't gone inworld in ages, but I didn't have a blog picture for today, so I went in and snapped this pic over in Awen. It looks different because I was playing around with the windlight settings, which gave the place a kinda creepy vibe. It's really quite beautiful over there, though, and I logged in right at sunset. It was very pretty.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll post again when I have new news. Until next time... Happy writing!

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