Friday, August 17, 2012

Charting Progress :: The End is in Sight

Happy Friday, everyone! It's after 2 a.m., and I'm still up writing. I fully intended to be in bed by now, but I got all motivated when I realized I'm actually much further along with this story than I thought. Yay!

I've been writing this particular book in sections. It's, like, I'll write a couple of pages, or a chapter, then save it and put the file away in a computer folder so I can't go back and edit what I've written. Next time I come in to write, I start a new document. Sounds tedious, I know, but I started doing this after rewriting the beginning chapter of this book for the hundredth time. It's an illness, I tell you. I had to put a stop to all the nitpicking, otherwise, I'd never finish.

Anyway, I thought I'd kept a pretty good word count estimate for this book until I broke down and actually added up the tab. I tabbed it so I could make a progress sheet like the picture shown, because I wanted to "see" how far I was from the end of this book. To my surprise, I discovered I'm only about 16k from reaching my 50k bare minimum word goal for this story. So, it won't be much longer now with this one.

Although the picture doesn't go with the book I'm talking about, it's the same thing. I print up a page just like that one as a visual reference to gauge how far along I am with most of my projects. I usually print one up when I'm about half way through a book. I start getting antsy around that point and need to "see" the progress. What can I say? My brain prefers boxes to numbers.

The word count memo works like a stat meter, only I don't have to code the dang thing and find a place to post it. This sheet is pinned to the door of my office cabinet. It's easier to update too. Every time I hit a 5k milestone, I check off a box. Easy peasy.

So, I'm almost to "the end". Picture me doing a happy dance. :o)

And now, I'm off to bed. I mean it this time. I have to pick up Mini from my mom's in the morning, plus there's a mile long list of things to take care of before the weekend kicks off. This is our last gasp of summer, y'all. School starts Monday!

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