Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bizarre Dreams :: Care Bears Casino Royale

I had a dream Wednesday morning that I was with Hubby and Mini at a hotel casino, although the hotel looked like a cross between an arcade, and the Pizza Hut in our old neighborhood.

We had stopped there so I could go to the bathroom, and the dream started when as I was walking out of the tile alcove area leading from the bathrooms into the main part of the hotel.

Mini was waiting for me right outside of the alcove where the old bubble gum and ring machines used to sit,  and I walked over to stand beside him. The toy machines used to be across from a set of pinball machines, and an old jukebox. I didn't see any of those machines, but I sensed they were still there and in use.

All around us, people in business suits were walking by, and going in and out the glass exit/entrance door at the far end of the lobby. The glass doors gave off a white glare so bright you couldn't look at the because the sun was pouring through. The place was busy with lots of foot traffic, and I was concerned suddenly that Mini had been standing outside the bathrooms all by himself. I asked him where his dad was, and Mini took me by the hand and walked me over to this entrance to an arcade.

The arcade had the same type of tile entry way as the bathrooms, but it was dark inside like a movie theater. It might have been maybe two feet away from the gumball machines, and seemed kind of ominous at first, although I'm not sure why. Maybe because it was unknown to me.

Anyway, it wasn't very far from where I'd found Mini, and hubby was right there, maybe a foot inside corridor, where it was a bit shady, but not quite dark. He was in front of this huge, glass-front game like one of the stuffed-animal grabber games with the large claw. There was a rainbow of Care Bear plushies at the bottom of it. Big ones. The only thing different about this claw game was that it had a glass panel inside that separated the machine into two tanks. One side was the grabber side. The other side was like one of the basketball hoop games, where you toss as many basketballs into it as fast as you can to score points.

Apparently, you had to pick up a Care Bear, maneuver it to the other tank, and drop it through the hoop to score points and win the bear. Hubby was talking to a man and a woman, a married couple who looked to be in their mid-to-late fifties. He was telling them that I was very good at this particular game. Before I could say anything to deny it, since I was pretty sure I'd never played this game before, hubby turned around to demonstrate how it worked. I watched as hubby put in two quarters, and began to play. After trying to pick up a bear once, he suddenly gave up trying. He stepped aside and said to the couple, "Like I said, this is more or less her game."

I panicked because hubby had quit before the game was over, and like I said, I was pretty sure I'd never played this game before. The time was still ticking on the clock, so I hurried over to the machine, and began to tap this red button repeatedly. I didn't really know what I was doing. I couldn't see the grabber doing anything, but the score kept going up. I figured I wouldn't do very well, but I kept at it, and I ended up with a score of 220, which I thought wasn't too bad, but nothing spectacular. A ticket popped out of the machine, and I took Mini with me to cash it in.

When I ran the ticket through the machine that was supposed to tell me what prize I'd won, I was a bit surprised that I got another ticket back. When I read this new ticket, it said I had to go to the front desk to cash in my prize ticket, because I'd won over $500.00. I was amazed. I started thinking of all the bills I could pay with "over $500.00". That's when I flipped over the ticket to see how much I'd actually won, I was thrilled to discover my take-away prize was $880.00.

I turned around to wave hubby down and tell him what we'd won, but I saw he was still talking to the couple he'd been telling about the Care Bear game. I took Mini by the hand and started hubby's direction, all the while wondering if it was too soon for me to try my hand at the game again. That's when I woke up.

A strange dream, especially since I'm not the gambling type, but fun nonetheless. Hopefully it means good things!

That's all for now. Happy Thursday, everyone! ;o)

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