Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Birthday Snakeskin

It looks like Hurricane Isaac is coming for a visit. I haven't been keeping up with the weather, but I guess I'm going to have to buy candles and batteries and such before he arrives. The big X on The Weather Channel satellite map shows the storm spinning out right over the top of us. Ugh. 

When Katrina rolled through the state, we were lucky. We were too far north, and west of the storm for it to get us, but months later, we were hit by Rita's winds when she came up through Galveston and turned east. 

We had tornadoes, hail, and 55 mph winds that obliterated our trees and garden shed. It was miserably hot, and we were without lights for about three days. Mini was very young at the time, too, so we decided to take the kids and go to a hotel to spend the night. It turned out every hotel was booked solid in northern Louisiana. After driving a while, we found a Holiday Inn in Arkansas with one room left. I realize we were fortunate, but it's not an experience I want to go through again. 

I think the "critters" outside sense a storm is coming, too. Earlier tonight, I put the laundry going and went to watch True Blood with hubby. When the show was over, I went to put the clothes in the dryer, and this was in my laundry room floor: a whole freaking snakeskin. 

It looks like sir sneaky snake decided to come in through my dryer vent to change clothes before the storm. *_* I've had the heebie-jeebies ever since I found the skin, and tomorrow morning, bright and early, Mr. Hubby is going to do a thorough exploration of the laundry room for our visitor.

Also, tomorrow, Even though my birthday isn't until Tuesday, after Mini gets home from school, we're going to pick up my cake at the bakery on our way over to Mom and Dad's. We're going to have hotdogs and cake and ice cream and all that jazz. I told everyone not to fuss, keep it low key, because after you've turned twenty-one for the sixteenth time, it kind of loses its meaning. Just saying.

Between 8/26 - 9/15/2012
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As part of the Cora birthday cake-fest, and evening of sob worthy cards to come, I've created a discount code for What She Doesn't Know on Smashwords. From now until September 15th, 2012, if you type in the coupon code VM43C you can get a copy for .99 cents.  

The collection contains the following stories: 
  • What She Doesn't Know
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • The Matador
  • Her Favorite Position
  • and Roommates
Please note: this ebook is erotica, not romance, and is intended for readers over the age of 18 only. 

That's pretty much it for now. Tomorrow Mini is back to school, and I'll be here working on Twilight's Edge.  I'm push, push, pushing to get this one finished asap. Wish me luck! 


  1. Happy Birthday! Having found a snake skin I can understand why you might have the heebie jeebies.


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