Friday, July 06, 2012

The Agent Debate

Happy Friday, everyone! I've been informed it's International Kissing Day, and National Fried Chicken Day, so in a little while, I'm going to give hubby a big kiss and send him to Popeye's Chicken for a family box. When I told him this, he was all for it. Game on.

First thing out of bed this morning, I turned on my computer and wrote four pages. I consider it a brain purge, because last night, while I was trying to sleep, two characters kept talking to me. Loudly. Profoundly. They wouldn't leave me alone. I tossed and turned, and tried unsuccessfully to shut them out. That didn't work, so I finally got up and wrote down everything they had to say. Appeased for now, I would imagine both those characters are sleeping. Because they were too busy talking last night to have gotten any sleep then. I sure didn't.

Once again I'm debating whether I should look for an agent. I torture myself with this question at least twice a year. With all the changes going on in publishing, I'm torn on that subject. I think if I found someone I was comfortable working with, it would make all the difference. Anyway, I've made a very short list of prospects, and once I finish this novel, I may send out a few queries just to see what happens. I'd like to end up with an agent who takes erotica and erotic romance, and who works closely with their authors. Also, ideally, I'd want them to have a good working history with EC, Harlequin, and Kensington.

Of course, I'm only thinking out loud. I have to wonder, I the only person that gets lightheaded thinking about this sort of thing?

Oh dear, the lights are flickering a bit. It's storming right now, so I'm going to close down the comp in case of a power cut. We do need the rain, so no complaints from me! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Happy writing! xx

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