Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday Ramblings

July The summer is slipping by way too fast. I really hoped we'd get to do more summery things this summer, like go swimming and all that, but the last few times we drove to the lake it was trashed out. I'm not kidding. I ended up picking up garbage off the sand so we'd have a place to play.

I feel bad about that for Mini sake, but I'd rather let him play in the water hose at home where at least we know he won't come up with some creepy parasitic disease because people at the lake are so effing nasty.

I mean, really. Some folks can pick their too-small bikini bottom out of their butt crack right there in public, but when they turn back around they can't seem to pick up their empty Sprite bottle. And, yes, that is describing an actual event I witnessed that the last time we were at the lake.

Well, I guess Mini didn't totally miss out on the summer fun. We did the resort thing, and he did have a great time at Biloxi Beach. And at least the sand was clean over there!

Moving along, moving along... I'm up late as usual, but when I get up a little later in the morning, around 8-9 a.m., I'm going with the to the dollar store to pick up bags of bird seed, feeders, and if we can find one, a cheap bird bath. We're doing this to try to keep the birds off my fig tree. Our figs are finally ripening, but as soon as they get ready to pick, the birds and wasps fly in and tear them up. It's to the point now it's a real problem.

We'll see what we think is a ripe fig, but reach for it and discover it's half eaten. And it's dozens of them. Not just one or two.

I'm not yet sure what we're going to do about the wasps. I've seen them eating the figs, too. Hubby didn't believe me until yesterday, when he saw a wasp land on a newly ripe fig and start chomping away. Darn critters!

As for writing...

On Saturday I wrote roughly 2500 words, and I've about reached the end of another short story. I'm going to try to get that one knocked out early, so I can revise it quickly and send it out into the wild. Also, The Butterfly Prince is almost finished and ready for revisions. That story is going to be part of the Twilight's Edge Collection.

Just for the sake of saying so, if it's at all possible, I hope to have the Twilight's Edge collection finished and ready to publish on Smashwords by the end of the month. Then again,I don't want to sacrifice quality for the sake of a quick release.

So, that's pretty much everything that's going on right now. Writing, gardening, and mom duty. Oh, I will say, my overall goal for Sunday is another 2k on the wip, but for now, I'm off to bed. Happy dreams, y'all!

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