Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Platinum Connectivity

627 Platinum Silver, China Glaze 
So, let's see. I've spent most of the day sneezing my brains out, and fighting to connect to the internet. With two guys playing bandwidth draining online games, running messengers, and playing youtube videos it's a challenge for me just to connect to the net. I swear, I'm ready to run them off with a stick...after I take another Benedryl. {achoo!}

I'm pretty sure summer is rapidly losing its appeal for Mini as well. He wanders around bored half the time, and I don't know how many games of Guess Who? and Candyland we can play before the authorities step in and declare us both legally insane.

I sneaked off to my office this afternoon and painted my nails. Ah, blissful girly stuff. Not easy to come by in a house full of males. If we could afford it, I'd totally take a day for myself and go to the day spa for the works, but for right now I'm stuck doing  home treatments if and when I can find the time.

Tonight, I need to work on a beta project, and do a bit of writing on the wip. I left my hero and heroine in a compromising position the other night, and I need to go back and finish the scene. I'm sure they're exhausted by now. Ha!

And there you have it. Not much else to report at the moment. Then again, slow paced, drama free days are certainly welcome around here. Happy Wednesday, y'all. And happy writing!


  1. Aww, Mini sounds like my Little Bear! Ha ha. He actually looked out the window and said, "it's a nice day out. let's go for a walk!" Can you tell we've had a lot of rain? He's got cabin fever pretty bad. ;)

    Your nails look beyootiful! I love that color. It's so metallic.

    Anyway, stopping by to say hi because I was sorting through old blog posts and got to missing you. I'm sorry I've been such a bad blog friend! RSS feeds have made me LAZY! Forgive me? xoxo

  2. It's all good, Isy. I don't blog visit like I used to. I check the feeds as well.

    Poor, Peanut. He sounds so bored. Mini is much the same, but it's too hot to stay out during the day. We let him run around outside right at dusk.


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