Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures and Old Posts

I'm sorry for the old posts appearing in my current collection of posts on blogger. I didn't intend to do that. I've been going through my posts and culling pictures: anything not 100% taken with my own camera. This is all in response to the author that got sued for posting pics on her blog.  I've decided it's not worth promoting someone else's humor or artwork, especially if some asshole is going to turn around and possibly sue over it. So, if you're looking for art here, from now on you won't find it. 

I think I've deleted most of the old photos that aren't family related. A few meme pictures may still remain. This blog is quite old, and some of the posts were transferred from an even older blog that existed back when AOL hosted journals. Yeah, I'm kinda dating myself now, aren't I? 

That said, there are posts here from 2004 to present day, and while sorting through Picasa webs albums, some of my old posts were republished by accident and ended up on the current timeline. I've drafted some of them, and deleted others. If you can't find what you're looking for, I'm terribly sorry. Also, if you're going through posts and you see broken or deleted images, that's the reason why. I killed them at the source. 

Anyway, tonight I noticed some people coming to view my erotica fiction posts that republished from networked blogs. If you're looking for Red Light, Green Light - my erotica short story, you can find it in the What She Doesn't Know collection on Smashwords. My apologies for any confusion. 

That said, I'm no longer affiliated with the Midnight Moon Cafe. I still get mail from people looking to promote there, or people who want to offer me some kind of article writing service, or whatever. The blog has been dead for roughly 2 years now. And as of tonight, to clear up any confusion on that matter, the blog no longer exists. Cassandra and I deleted it. Any other outlets of the cafe still standing, are not under our ownership, so be aware of that.

Let's see what other bombshells I can drop this morning... I say morning, since it is shortly after midnight. I have three stories I'm working on for Grrl X Publishing. I've already mentioned them before, so I won't do that again until they're ready to publish. Life has pounced on me in one form or another since I began working on them. I'm simply going to take a step back and tackle these projects one at a time. 

Two of the stories should be up later this year, but I'm not making any concrete dates for release. No promises. This will take a little pressure off of me, and allow me to spend some time with my son while he's home, instead of worrying about self-imposed deadlines. The stories will be there when I can get to them. My son is leaving on August 12th for Bahrain and I won't see him again for roughly 2 years. It's all a matter of priority, and for me, family comes first. 

Currently, I'm working my way through a novel, a few thousand words at a time. I've blogged about it once or twice in the past few days. I'm thinking about sending it to an agent who has caught my eye. Also, there are maybe three publishers on my list who might take this kind of material. I'm thinking about sending it to all of them, just to see what happens.

That's all for now. Sorry for the rushed posts. I'm heading off to bed before I fall asleep at my desk. Night, night, everyone! 


  1. I'm doing the same. Sorting through 28 pages of old posts to remove pics. Ouch. Talk about a time suck. What a mess, huh?

  2. I did the same last week. I deleted all the pictures from my blog that I didn't take myself and won't be adding any that I don't take myself. I read that same blog post and told all my friends about it too. Darn shame we have to do that just in case some idiot wants to sue us over posting a picture.

  3. Isy, if you're on blogger, you can go straight to Picasa Web Albums and weed out all the pictures that aren't your own. I had two albums to sort through, most of them LOLCats and it took only about an hour to go through and delete them all. Not sure about wordpress, though.

  4. I hear you, Mary. I hate losing all the old LOLCats I had posted here, but they definitely aren't worth getting sued over. I won't be adding any more pictures to my blog unless they are book covers, images I create in photoshop, or stuff I've captured with my own camera. Better safe than sorry!


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