Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the Mercury Retrograde 13th :: With Books

I stayed up entirely too late last night/this morning. Insomnia gets me most nights, but rarely does it have me up at two in the morning putting up a new shower curtain. Yeah, it was like that.

Thursday we were in the shadow of the Mercury retrograde, which kicks off today, and I'm hoping that wasn't an example of what I can expect until the energy goes direct. If it is, I may end up cutting off all external communications and sitting this one out. I'm totally not joking. Yesterday was an exercise in frustration. I will skip the details of the traumatic trip to Walmart I had to endure for the sake of grocery shopping. The weather was rainy, miserable shit, and everyone I was in direct contact with was in a right, snarly mood. And if I needed information on something, anything, it was either slow in coming or a complete lost cause. 

One example of that frustrating void of information... I recently heard about an interesting book called The Runaway by Albertine Sarrazin. It's an English translation, from the 60s, and if I understand right, it's a young, French woman's diary of sorts. She wrote it while in prison, and it was initially printed without her permission. Anyway, those are the details I have, although there is no way to check them to ensure they're accurate.  

I decided to look up The Runaway on Amazon to read what the dust jacket/blurb has to say about the book. There were a couple of copies for sale, some of them without the dust jacket. However, each listing was missing the blurb from the book. In its place, the sellers posted the author's uninformative bio from the back of the book.

I don't like the idea of paying over ten dollars for a book if I don't know what it's about, so I decided to check other places I knew to look. I searched Goodreads, where the book has been given several five star reviews; I searched Google, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ebay, Abe Books, Wikipedia... and there is nowhere to read a summary of this book. 

Not one single person who claims to have read this book has actually reviewed it other than to slap some stars, which tells me nothing. After hours of exhaustive searching, I know as much about the book as I did three days ago. There are copies for sale all over the internet, and you would think at least one seller would post the fucking blurb. I am not amused. 

But that is just one example of the information no-go. Example #2:  I ended up turning off a radio show I faithfully sit through every week. I tuned in a little early, and as the show starts, I'm listening in and it's going on and on with some topic way off base, and something I care absolutely nothing about. I keep waiting for the show to get on track. Instead, it goes on for more than thirty minutes skirting the very reason I tune in every week. I don't know what happened with the programming, if they thought that was a good idea or what, but I was not impressed. I kept thinking, get to the point already. I swear, half the show was over before they finally got it on track, and then the rest of the broadcast was very watered down, repeated information from last week. I ended up turning it off about fifteen minutes early, and I've decided from now on if they are having a guest on the show, I won't be tuning in. That was a (frustrating) hour of my life I can't get back. 

I had such a tension headache by the time the day was over, it took two packets of powdered aspirin {which is loaded with caffeine}to kill the pain. It was either that, or strangle the piss out of someone. Once the headache was gone and the caffeine had worn off, I was probably more tolerable to be around, but by then it was four in the morning.  I went to bed shortly after that, but I still ended up waking at seven, so that's what?  Roughly three hours of sleep? 

But let's rewind a bit... Around midnight-ish/one a.m., I popped over to Ellora's Cave and downloaded a few short stories. I picked up In Appreciation of their Cox, by Janine Ashbless. One girl, eight guys is the gist of it. I had no idea it was a story revolving around rowing or I would've bought it sooner. I'm a college rowing fan. I'm just glad "catching a crab" didn't work its way into the story. lol

I also bought Rising Green by Sabrina York, and downloaded Only Love by Kit Tunstall. Oh! I downloaded  Subtle Magic, by Beth Kery, too. I haven't had a chance to read that one yet.  Both Only Love, and Subtle Magic are free for a limited time on the EC website.

So anyway, Happy Friday the 13th. I'm off to do some writing. I need to make up for yesterday, and earn the glass of wine or three I intend to drink tonight. Cheers!

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