Thursday, July 05, 2012

Feeling Zombiesque

Honey, I'm home! First thing out of bed this morning, the guys started plotting off by themselves. I was worried at first, but it turned into nothing more than a trip to Panda, and a stop by the grocery store. We went, and it was all good. I'm relieved. I can't take the stress of too many surprises these days.

Now that we're back home, I'm sorting through the day's to-do list. My favorite radio show is on tonight, so I'm going to wrap up everything before seven so I can listen in. After it's over, much later on tonight, I'll probably drag out one of the novellas I've been working on.

I'm tired, and feeling kind of pms-y/bitchy/crabby; but at the same time, I'm pleased with all the new material I've written this week. On Wednesday, I wrote roughly twenty pages, and I'm currently revising the last short story on my current {summer} to-do list. I have one scene left to clean up, then that particular story should be ready to release into the wild. Woot! I'll be so glad to get that one out of my hair.

That's pretty much the order of business around here these days. Writing and more writing. No workshops, or classes or anything like that. Oh. I've recently picked up some interesting books, though. I'm currently reading an anthology called Zombiesque, edited by Stephen L. Antczack, James C. Bassett, and Martin H. Greenberg. I picked it up for the Nancy A. Collins story, but it also has contributions by Nancy Holder, Wendy Webb, Tim Waggoner and many others. So far, so good. I'll post more after I've read it cover to cover.

That's it for now. The house is currently quiet, and I need to get crackin' on this short story. Going to take advantage of the zen environment while it lasts. Happy writing, everyone!

PS. Blogger has this buggy shit going on where it highlights half my text every time I post. Until they fix this mess, I apologize for any crap-looking blog posts. To fix the problem manually I have to remove all the formatting and start from scratch. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

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