Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blogging Trauma :: Seven Of Cups

If Blogger doesn't get their crap together soon, I'll be switching to Tumblr, or some other blogging platform that doesn't strive to piss me off. I'm actively shopping around, looking for something that won't require me to reverse highlight or otherwise use 2x4s to prop up every single post just so it's readable.

Yesterday I fought to login because the whole Site Advisory gray-boxing of my default nav bar. I just managed to wrangle my blog into submission so it will allow user comments again. Now more login issues?

I can't determine if the gray-boxing is because McAfee is no longer cooperating with the Blogger Nav Bar itself, or if Google Chrome is simply no longer working well with Blogger. I've noticed a json_parse error, but I haven't added any new widgets or other javascripty bits to the blog, so I'm leaning towards an issue with Chrome. I recently read in a tech forum that Google is shutting out Chrome and Firefox on some sites. I can understand disallowing opensource browsers on some sites, but Chrome?  Really?

Anyway, I checked a couple of tech support forums, and I'm not the only person experiencing these problems, so I'm declaring the nav bar issue a bug. I see this has also been an existing issue since 2010, albeit sporadically. I figure after two years, no one at the company cares, and it ain't getting fixed. Probably the same as the highlighting bug, which simply boils down to piss poor design. Who includes a highlight palette and doesn't include a remove highlight button. #facepalm

This morning I switched browsers from Chrome to IE, which I hate because it's like trying to maneuver a tank down a hallway. However, the nav bar is unblocked in IE, and I'm able to use my blog. No bloodletting necessary at this point, but I'm still looking to switch. Soon.

On to writerly things... Today I'm going to transfer these last three pages into the wip so I don't have them sitting on my desk anymore. From there, I need to get 2k on this current manuscript. I have a lot of projects lying around right now; it's time to start wrapping up some of them so I can either submit them somewhere or put them on Smashwords.

That sentiment is perfectly illustrated in my tarot card for the day. I thought that was kind of interesting. Seven of Cups. Nothing wrong with having a lot of projects going on, but it's time to dig in, and take them from the idea phase (a vision, or daydream, as indicated by the card) to a finished, physical product. Those ideas that don't work will fade away when you try to mold them into something real, giving you the opportunity to hold on to what will work. Once those cups have been tended to, it gives the higher mind room for new cups to form.

I'm off now to begin the writing day. I can tell already: tonight, there will be wine!


  1. I had a problem using IE and getting anything to post on my blog. So I started using Opera and even thought Blogger keeps putting up warning pop ups about Blogger and Opera not working well together. I haven't had a problem using Opera.

  2. I don't have a problem using IE, but oy, I hate it. Very clunky. Strangely enough. Chrome and Blogger are working together with no issues right now. Maybe they got tired of my griping and fixed it. LOL


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