Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wondering What's Next

Not that long ago, I read about Amazon buying Avalon Publishing, a publisher that had been focused on providing sweet romances, mysteries, westerns, and select non-fiction for the library market. Now, just this morning, I read that Amazon is buying  Dorchester Publishing's remaining backlist titles. The company has stated that Amazon is going to pay those authors the back royalties that are due to them, which is mega superdy awesome. Authors have fought hard trying to get their money from Dorchester, so it's good to see the money going where it should be going - into the authors' pockets.

Still, watching the whole Amazon buying out publishing companies thing is a little like standing along the publishing industry roadside watching an invading army roll in. They look like friendlies, and they're only taking over the small towns in order to help them out. Really, though, behind the scenes, the invading army has a much larger target in mind further up the road. We just don't know what it is yet.

I can't help but wonder what's next for Amazon. All these changes so far are subtle, but I keep expecting to hear something major take place with them. I really don't think they're out buying up little companies without a larger plan in place.

But enough of my conspiracy theories! Okay, they're not really conspiracy theories, but that sounds so much more cool and adventurous than "observations", don't you think? ^_^

I've got a ton of writing stuff to catch up on. For the past few days I've focused mainly on revising a couple of stories. Now I have a to-do list of scary proportions growing on the cabinet door beside my desk. I gotta get some of that stuff knocked out asap!

That's it for now. It's busy, busy here, and I want to get as much done during the daylight hours as possible so I can listen to the Zoe Moon show tonight. What can I say? It's my Thursday work incentive. ;o) Happy writing, everyone!

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