Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soapbox Sunday :: Now With Books!

Happy Father's Day! We're going over to my mom and dad's house in a little while. I stayed up until one a.m. making a huge potato salad to carry over there. The summer heat has been intense, and I didn't want to heat the house up by cooking during the daylight hours. I know, I might as well be a vampire considering the hours I keep.

Saturday I drove into Monroe and went to the craft store. I needed black elastics for a pair of cyber falls. While there, I picked up a tin sign that's perfect for my dad, plus a bunch of other stuff I didn't really need. Hobby Lobby is a major temptation for me. I can't leave there without blowing fifty bucks, and yes, I retained my track record. I noticed they had some glass display cases for small objects, and I'd like to go back next weekend, if I have the time (and the money) and buy one for some of my collectibles. The case, when painted, would look very cute mounted to the wall.

After Hobby Lobby, I stopped by Books-a-Million and picked up Father's Day greeting cards for hubby and my dad, and a couple of books. I have noticed lately more and more horror novels are being shelved as "fantasy". They're even being imprinted with it on the spine. I mean, I understand why. It saves them from being lumped in the general fiction section, since there is no longer an independent horror section in most bookstores. And yes, I guess in someways it is fantasy, but's misleading. There is a big difference between your classic Lord of the Rings fantasy and ravenous zombie hordes rampaging merrily through the countryside eating brains. You get the idea. If they're going to put the genres on the same shelf, couldn't they at least change the section sign to reflect Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi?

Another thing I noticed, is that all the dreaded copies of 50 Shades of Grey are being sold on a table near the doors. There wasn't a single copy of 50 Shades in the romance or erotica section. Now, if I were running a book store, it would make sense to me to put at least a few copies of the trendy book in those areas, on end caps or something, just in case someone who is a trend book only buyer/reader can see there are other books out there of a similar vein. Don't you think they might flip a few other books over to read the blurbs? Maybe make a spontaneous purchase along with their 50 Shades? But no, not one flippin' copy. The same books were in the erotica section that were there last time. And that erotica section is ridiculously tiny. Even the guy who was putting out books on Saturday admitted that particular section needed more shelf space.

I bought my books and left thinking is it any wonder bookstores are in trouble? The hot, of the moment books are tabled alone so readers can grab and go, and you have to sift through the sales tables looking for your genre because publishing companies give some urban fantasy a romance stamp on the spine, and horror is now "fantasy".

Okay, okay, I'm stepping off my soapbox.

I've been writing on and off for most of the weekend. I have a short story almost ready for submission. I need to tack on another five hundred words or so, then clean it all up. I read through it yesterday evening, and it's shaping up nicely. It shouldn't need too much pruning. However, the big sad is that all those lovely words won't count toward my Camp NaNo project, which probably has no chance of finishing on time. Boo hoo. I'm not giving up on it though, since it motivates me to write more, faster.

I better go for now. The guys are getting ready to head over to mom and pop's, and I still need to find my shoes. The gnomes have them, I'm sure. I better check under the bed. Le sigh. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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