Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener

This week has been sort of a blur, hasn't it?  Is it just me? It just doesn't seem like it should be Wednesday...erm, almost Thursday, since it's already 10:30 p.m. here in the land of La.

I do believe our household is almost ready to come out of quarantine. Mini is feeling better, no more yucks in the evening, although last night he had a near miss. I told him even though he feels better, no hopping around, it just stirs the germs up and he's right back to hugging the toilet. Today he listened to me, and before bed he seemed so much better. That's a big relief for me.

Today I felt a bit crappy, but not enough to send me to the couch or anything. I worked throughout the day, walked the dog several times, and did all the housewifely/motherly expected duties...dishes, laundry, bleh. I'm fine, just a little tired, which really isn't all that noticeable until I'm hit with an annoying bout of fever.

Anyway, I've been taking aspirin and going on about my way. There's so much to do and it seems like my list is growing daily. I did manage to scratch a few things off my list, though. I edited several pages of a short story today, and I also updated the Grrl X Publishing website to reflect the new templates. They are much cleaner and easier to change. Me likey!

Early, early on Wednesday morning, I updated the website again. Minor tweaks, mostly, except that I added the blurb to Wicked Promises, the final story the Immortal Lovers trilogy. No cover yet, but the rest is there.

I going to work on the short story some more tonight. I have plenty of time until the deadline, but I'm trying my best to get that one wrapped up asap. I have two more scenes to weed through and it should be ready to send out. Then I can get back to the other projects I have waiting in the wings. :o)

And I'm over and out. Whatever's going on with you, I hope it's going your way. Bye for now!

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