Saturday, June 30, 2012

Focus & Make It Happen

Hurray for Saturday! It's already after one in the morning here in the land of La. A few hours ago, I sent off a short story, and now that it's out of my hands, I just have to sit back and wait to see what happens next.

That said, I'm pretty happy with everything I've accomplished this week. I managed prep one story to for publication, and kicked a second story out the door. And somehow, between Point A and Point B, I managed to get a few words in on a couple other projects, too.

Despite the progress, I'm by no means at a point where I can drop the ball. I still have plenty to work on in the days ahead, and quite a bit of that needs to be finished before the fall. As it stands, I have two projects ready to be revised, and the rest are at various stages of completion.

At this point, my goal is to have one more book ready to go out by the end of the summer. I know I can do this. I just have to focus and make it happen.

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