Thursday, May 03, 2012

Where Does The Time Go?

Ah, a quickie post for this evening... I'm behind on blogging, sorry about that. I've been very busy with writing, class assignments and workshops, plus the freelance stuff I'm doing on the side. And that's not including the everyday home life stuff! Busy, busy...

Summer is coming up fast, and I'm totally not prepared. Mini has one full week left, then a partial week of half days. After that, the boy is out for summer vacation. I'm trying to take care of all the small projects so I can focus on only one thing while he's home. It will be much easier to manage, if my attention isn't scattered in fifty different directions.

Anyway, I ran errands today, and it seemed like everywhere I went: bank, store, etc., there was a mile long waiting line. Good heavens, I thought I'd never get back home! When I did finally make it back home, I lugged in groceries while SassiePup bounced around the dining room, reminding me she needed to be walked.

I managed to get everything settled, and by then I needed a nap - I'm totally not kidding. I tried to read on the couch, fell asleep, and then hubby scared the bejeezus out of me when he came home early. I jumped off the couch out of a dead sleep when he walked through the door. For some reason, I thought I'd overslept and missed Mini's bus. I know, that doesn't sound like a reason to panic, but the one time I didn't greet Mini at the door the exact moment he arrived off the bus, he ended up bawling through the door like no one was home. {Yes, I am scarred forever!} Anyway, it was hubby. And he thought my wake up was damn hilarious. :P
After that rude wake up call, I was too anxious to try napping again. I ended up back at my desk going over notes and writing until the bus actually arrived.

Holy cow. It's 9 pm. Where does the time go? I'm about to put Mini in the bath and start the laundry. I've got a novella out on my desk for later. I'm going to start revising it once Mini is tucked in bed and snoozing. And that's pretty much it. My day. My plans. I tell ya, I'm so glad the weekend is almost here!

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