Sunday, May 06, 2012

Super Full Moon Ice Cream Day

Did you see the Super Full Moon last night? I stepped outside to look at it three times. The first time was around 9:30 and the moon was back behind some trees across the road, so I couldn't really see it. I came back in and did tarot readings until about 10:30. I went back out again at 10:40 and had a clear view. The moon was lovely. Big and bright. Not as big as photos I've seen online, but bigger than usual. I tried to take a few pictures of the, but the moon came out as a white dot on a black background. Heh.

The last time I went out was right at the peak point - 11:33-11:35. Honestly, it didn't look much different than it had a 10:40, but I cast a quick spell anyway, and went back inside before I lost another pint of blood to the mosquitoes. Overall, I'm very glad I went out to see it, and would definitely do it again.

After I came back inside for the last time, I did a bit of writing. I keep going back to the beginning of my fantasy romance because it just doesn't feel right. It's too complicated, and takes too long to get the story started. So, for days I've been waffling over what to do with it. I read something recently, I can't remember where, that if you're struggling like this, take your manuscript and toss it in the trash. Now ask yourself if there was one thing you could salvage from that manuscript, what would you save?

Well, I knew right away what that would be - the core of the story and the main characters. So, that's what I saved, which basically cut the beginning and ending off my story. Boo hoo hoo... I hate cutting words, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Now I'm going back and rethinking my GMC, trying to keep the story as core focused as possible - not as easy as it sounds. In the long run though, the core story is the story I want to tell versus the story I was likely to get, if I'd stayed on track with the original beginning. I'm glad I did something about it before I got too far along in the story.

Anyway, I'm about to find a pair of shoes and drive to the store. I've been craving a vanilla malt, and when I tweeted about wanting one a couple of days ago, hubby saw the suggestion and agreed that a vanilla malt wouldn't be unwelcome in his tummy either. LOL So, that's the order of the day. I'm going to buy some ice cream, malt, milk, and some stuff to blend up for a homemade Blizzard for MiniBeast. Yum.

That's all for now. Before I go...a video in memory of Adam Yauch, MCA of the Beastie Boys, who passed away recently. So very sad. Beasties were a huge, huge, huge part of my teen years, and my very first band crush.

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