Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Romance Wednesday : Honorable Intentions by Catherine Mann

Is it really after eleven a.m.? It feels like it should be 8 or 9. I woke up as hubby was getting ready for work, but later went back to bed. I have a sore throat and I'm all stuffy. Boo hoo. Do not want. Once I make my way through this assignment I'm going to hit the couch and read until I fall asleep. I'm currently reading...Undone by her Tender Touch. It's by Maya Banks. I took it with me to Biloxi, but didn't have time to read it.

Right now I have laundry going, and I just finished reading over my study guides for the copyediting exam on Friday. I resisted the temptation to go pick through everyone's pinnings over at Pinterest. Then I got to thinking about Mini's birthday party on Friday, and how the heck can there be only nine days left of May?  Nine?  Seriously? Time, slow down already! The days seem to be flying by. I hope that's not going to the pattern for the entire summer.

So, laugh if you will, but I have been studying for the ACT. Yes, I am, and everything it implies. I have aced most of the practice tests. Most. How would I fair on the math portion? Let's just say they'd send me home crying at this point. I have a math refresher coming up, and I need to find out if I have to go to a different parish to get a copy of my immunization records. I have a feeling this is just a start of the insanity sure to come from degree seeking. There are a billion other things to do before I turn in my registration over at Delta. Stress, stress...can you feel my stress?

But on to other things...happier books!  While grocery shopping yesterday, I bought two new books: Sara Orwig's Relentless Pursuit, and Tessa Radley's One Dance with the Sheikh. Both are Harlequin Desire line titles. I read the blurb for Relentless Pursuit on the Harlequin website, and actually wrote that one on my shopping list. The cover initially drew me in, but the story seems to have an intriguing stack of tropes. I'm curious to checked out the character conflicts.

Speaking of tropes and conflicts...I finally have a better understanding of the internal, personal conflicts and how they affect a growing relationship between the hero and heroine in a romance. I'm now able to read through a book and pick out the key elements of the romance. Very exciting stuff, because I've noticed it not only applies to category romances, but single titles as well. Finally, some of this weekend edumacation stuff is sinking in. {g}

Back onto the subject of books, I recently read Honorable Intentions by Catherine Mann. The story takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, so of course, I had to buy this one. Too, the author mentions that the hero is stationed in Bossier City, at Barksdale AFB. Very familiar territory for me.

Here's the blurb from the Harlequin site:
Major Hank Renshaw knows almost everything there is to know about Gabrielle Ballard. Except for what it's like to touch her. Because Gabrielle is his best friend's fiancĂ©e. Or she was. Until his buddy died in battle—right after making Hank promise to find her…

So now Hank's in New Orleans. In Gabrielle's apartment. Watching her nurse her infant son. It's not honor that draws him to her. It's not duty that makes him stay. It's need he's feeling, plain and simple—the desire to take the woman he's always wanted and finally make her his own.

I liked this book. Even though the hero is from a wealthy and politically prominent family, he's still a down-to-earth kind of guy, and he's presented in a very believable way, despite being a billionaire in a small city. Billionaires don't always work in that kind of setting, but in this case, it all feels very natural to have Hank Renshaw living in New Orleans and operating out of Bossier, even though the cities are hundreds of miles apart.

Hank came to New Orleans to find Gabrielle. He was determined to tell her what her husband (his best friend) said while he lay dying on the battlefield. Hank has no idea until his arrival that Gabrielle has an infant son. The husband/best friend was killed before she told him she was pregnant. This complicates the romance, but Hank has always loved Gabrielle, and he makes the decision that his friend would want him to watch out for the child. Too, he wants the child to have a father-figure in his life.

Both Gabrielle and Hank have a lot of guilt issues to work through, and at first Gabrielle resists Hank's help, even though she desperately needs it. Her infant son needs an operation, and although she refuses to admit it, she needs someone to lean on for support. Of course, they work out their differences - this is a romance, after all, but I won't spoil the ending for any potential readers. I'll simply say the story had a satisfying and believable resolution. Honorable Intentions hits all the romance marks. It's definitely worth a read.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I need to check on Mini, and make lunch. I'll post again when I have something interesting to say. *eyebrow wiggle* I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

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