Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Blues: Back From Biloxi

Ho hum. I guess I'm due a case of the Monday blues. We had a lovely weekend in Biloxi, and I'm sad it had to end. It was good to see Oldest. He joined us at the hotel on Saturday, and we sat around chatting a while before we went out to explore the area.

We took Oldest shopping at the mall and later went to the beach. Mini wanted to go swimming, so we bought a pair of trunks for him and turned him loose. We let him play until his nose started getting a bit pink from the sun, then we piled up in the car and went out to eat lunch.

Around 2 we went back toward the hotel. We had already checked out, but Oldest wanted to catch a cab back to the AFB since he knew the fare would be about $10.00. I gave him all the remaining cash I had on hand to cover his ride back and any extras, then we hugged and said goodbye, and it was over all the soon.

On the ride back to Louisiana, I think hubby began to acknowledge that our little family has changed. Oldest is a grownup now, and it shows. He has always been an independent kid, but I think this was kind of strange for Hubby to accept. They don't stay little forever.

This coming weekend, Hubby should have his sparkle back. He gets a four day weekend because of Memorial Day. And Friday is Mini's birthday, so there will be plenty of daddy-son time. We're taking Mini to Chuck E. Cheese for a party, then we'll drop by Toys R Us. I'm sure Mini would love to pick out a Sonic the Hedgehog DVD.

On the agenda for today...I have a workshop to check in on, and at some point I need to vacuum my car. There is sand everywhere, Sassie left white dog hair stuck all over the passenger's seat. I picked her up from Mom and Dad's on Sunday afternoon.

That's all for now. Here's hoping this week treats us all kindly with that Venus retrograde energy swirling out there. By the way, did you check out the eclipse last night? I only saw pictures, but holy cow!  Great stuff!

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