Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gotta Go Through It, Gotta Get With It

Oh stressful week, so very stressful. I'm sad to see the month of May ending, but I'm hoping June will be a much happier month for me. I'm finally free from classes, and now I'm down to two writing workshops. I have some lessons in each to catch up on, but that's all leisurely study. No pressure there, although I will say that these last two workshops I've been taking are heavy duty informative. Really good stuff. I've picked up a lot from both workshops, and I think both are going to make a big difference in my writing in the long run. I certainly hope so.

As for writerly things, I threw out my first three chapters of my fantasy romance. That was disappointing, but I could see the beginning wasn't working. I've started rewriting the beginning...again. This is, what? The second or third time? Third time's the charm, maybe?  Before, there was just too much setup. It was taking way too long to get the hero and heroine on the page together, but when I'd cut the setup down, I lost too much of the heroine's motivation. I was getting frustrated with the characters, so set the whole story aside for a few days. It wasn't doing me any good to struggle through it, so I let it go.

Then yesterday, I was tickle fighting with Mini when, out of the blue, an idea came to me about how to fix the beginning of the story. I ran to my office and jotted down a solid page of notes. I've been toying with the notes and adding in some new ideas since then, and so far I like what I've come up with. It allows me to get the hero and the heroine together in the second scene of the book, in the first chapter, and her reason for being there is still intact. That's a major plus.

Anyway, I know I haven't talked much about writing lately. Mostly I've been reading or studying. I've been too busy with other things too really keep up with my usual writing schedule. Too, it's like I've had zero energy to get things done. I can't even explain it, I've just felt very drained lately, like, post school year hangover, or something. Anyway, I still try to post the interesting stuff when it happens, but with it being the summer, things are kind of quiet right now. The writing is going slowly.

One more thing before I go...Happy Birthday to my mom! I'm bringing her a card and a cookie cake after sun up...several hours from now, ha ha. It's almost two a.m., so it's gonna be a while. When I do finally make my way over there, I want to make a day of it and do something fun for her. I'm sure Mini will have fun hanging out with his gram and grampa for a few hours, too.

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

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