Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The First Day of Summer Vacation

Where to start? So much has happened over the past few days. Mini is officially out for the summer. I went to the elementary awards ceremony on Monday, and was thrilled for my little bear. He received a medal and two certificate awards for A honor roll, and Dibels reading skills. His teacher mentioned during the ceremony that Mini reads at 113 wpm, which is the highest reading level out of his class. Also, he blew the doors off the state exam. I didn't know until the ceremony that the average score expected on the test is 150 for students Mini's grade level and age. He scored 318, which was more than double the average. Way to go, my boy!

To be honest, when hubby and I got his test scores in, we just looked to make sure all the little boxes were colored in green, indicating that he had passed that competency module, then we tossed the test aside. I don't want him to feel test pressure at that age. It never helped me in any way, shape, or form to stress over a test. If Mini's passing, that's all we care about. So, finding out that he scored that well on the test was a very nice surprise. Of course, I had to call the grandparents to let them know. They were very happy for Mini. I think grandma is preparing a surprise for him the next time he comes over.

After the awards ceremony, I chatted with Mini's teacher and a few parents, then we left for home. I told Mini we'd make a dash to the store, and grab a bite to eat at the Panda before coming back home. I quickly figured up the bills, had Mini put them in the mail box, then we took off. As we were pulling out of the driveway, the sheriff's car drove past. I didn't think anything of it - we have cop that lives maybe three house down?  Anyway, as we drove past the drunken crazy lady's house, there were a ton of cars out there. A few trucks. Two more sheriff's vehicles - a car and truck - were out there, too. I slowed down as I drove past, because I didn't what was going on. I figured something had happened, of course. However, it's not usual to see the cops over there, so honestly, I didn't really think anything of it.

Mini and I ran errands. The Panda was closed - which was weird - so we bought popcorn chicken and tater wedges for lunch and brought them home. I spent the rest of the day cleaning, doing mom stuff, and I printed and read over the lessons in two workshops I'm currently taking. After hubby came home, our neighbor across the street came over on his lawn tractors, and told us the hubbub with the neighbors' down the street was because the DCL shot her husband in the chest with a shotgun last night. She was arrested for murder, and I can only guess that all the cars and activity was part of the crime scene investigation.

We were surprised by the news, but deep down, not really. They had their problems, and while we didn't want that down here on our property, we didn't want to see anyone hurt.  It's very sad how it all turned out for them.

Today, I slept in an hour late, and when I got up, I set about cleaning the house so I could find something to keep Mini busy. I helped him re-organize his art kit, and gave him a huge shipping box out of my office so he could color the box and make a "car" out of it. I gave him some wooden blocks to paint, and he had fun with that. He also cut up paper shapes and taped them on his hot wheels cars, while I went over my notes and did some classwork. I have about four weeks left on both the college classes and the workshops I'm taking. So, it's going to be interesting, keeping him busy.

I also cleaned out my office today. OMG, the junk in here. I am such a pack rat. Half of this stuff I don't even remember where it came from. Anyway, I threw away two large garbage bags of stuff, and packed up other junk to store in the shed. I have a few more boxes and bins to sort through. Two of the bins are books I never read. I put those bins on the shelf, and as soon as I pick through the lot, I'm giving the rest of the books away. There are so many, it would cost a fortune to ship them, so I should probably put them in a box and set them out at the library.

That's pretty much what's going on here. I'm cleaning things out for summer, taking classes and workshops, and jotting a few words on paper every chance I get. Oh, and I managed to secure the line up for the Suzannah contest this year. We have an awesome panel of final judges. I promise to post more about that later.

That's all for now. Mini is waiting on me to get the sheets out of the dryer. We're going to Febreeze mattresses, and remake the beds. Great summer fun, you know? {lol} Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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