Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday: Projects and Searches

It's Saturday night and here I am, glued to the computer, trying to find a good Smashwords template.

On the upside, I'm about 95% finished with my erotica collection. Yay! I have one more story to revise, and that leg of the journey will be finished. Once I'm done revising, I'll probably put it through my reading program and listen to how it sounds when someone else reads the stories aloud, then it's back to pulling my hair out over the formatting.

I've been using a pre-formatted template, but I am totally not feeling the love. I went back and stripped the formatting out of the document entirely, but still there are excess pages I can't seem to delete. I'm going to copy and paste the entire story into a new document and try again. Bleh. If that doesn't work, I'm going to start hunting for formatting tutorials on youtube.

Anyway, earlier this evening, I took all my setting pictures and made a story board collage to help keep the details of my dark fantasy/romance novel straight. I started out trying to piece together a land map of sorts with the pictures, but ended up with a timeline of places instead, which I think I like better.

Seeing the settings laid out as a time map made me question what happens between the gaps, and I came up with several ideas for new scenes. If this goes well, I may end up using pictures to create a time map again on a later project.

Nothing else to report at the moment, just trying to wrap up a few things and work on what's current. Well, I have to go put the clothes in the dryer, and it's after midnight, so I'm shutting down for the night. Happy weekend and pleasant dreams!

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