Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Shortage of Writing Opportunities

I'm finished with my assignments, so I thought I'd blog while I have the spare time. I'm still working to wrap up all the loose ends with the erotica collection. I'm trying to get that book out by Monday, and at the same time, I'm trying to work on two other projects. Right now it feels like everything is very slow going.

I finished rereading GMC, and I'm now going back through my fantasy romance. I think there are...eight characters throughout the book? Anyway, I'm doing charts for all of them to deepen their characterization. My one fear is that this book is going to grow beyond 85k. Yikes!

I have no idea what I'd do with a very long book like that, but I have to write this story. It's one of those ideas that's been percolating for several years, and it just won't go away. Every time I think I've finally convinced myself I can let the idea go, or I can't write this book, another piece of the puzzle falls into place, and the characters start taunting me again from the sidelines. So, if I'm ever to have any peace, I have to write this book.

On a slightly different topic, the sky is the limit with publishing opportunities these days. I have been seeing so many notices for writing opportunities and calls for submissions on twitter, Facebook, and through news outlets. Not only are there dozens of e-book publishing options, but I saw a notice earlier today on twitter that Virgin's Black Lace Books is relaunching in September.

Also, Harlequin has a new community forum that is much easier to use than the old system, and they have both fast track and pitch opportunities going on right now.

Another good sign of the strength of the market is the growing number of e-publishers hitting (and repeatedly hitting) the NYT and USA Today best seller lists. Authors from Samhain, Ellora's Cave, and Entangled have all hit the best seller lists. That's wonderful news for indie publishers and authors. It truly is a great time to be a writer.

Hubby just pulled into the yard, so I'm off to greet him, then I have to make a dash to the store. I'll post again when I have new news. Happy Wednesday!

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