Thursday, April 05, 2012

KippyCat Returns

KippyCat says it's time for ear rubbins.
Tomorrow hubby and mini will be home for Good Friday. You won't hear me complaining. I'm thrilled the work week is over a day early. Truthfully, I'm probably as ready for summer vacation as Mini is. I get tired of the routine after so many months. It won't be much longer now. The boy only has 23 days of school left.

I've almost got everything caught up from the trip - groceries, accounting, laundry, etc. Oh, and KippyCat came home! He wasn't anywhere to be found for those first few days after we returned from Chicagoland, and I've been so bummed about that. Then yesterday afternoon, right before Mini came home, I heard a mew mew mewing at the front door. I opened it, and a very skinny KippyCat dashed into the house.

Now, there was no excuse for Kipster to be so thin. I poured a huge pan of food for him to eat (he barely touched it), and two pans of water while we were gone. He also had his scratching post, litter box, kitty bed, and a window open so he could come and go from the house while we were away. But, apparently, because it's spring, he decided to go looking for lady cats. See the scratch on his face...from sowing his wild oats, no less. Silly Kippy. Nevertheless, we are very happy he's home. Apparently he is, too. All evening yesterday, all last night, and throughout the day today, he's been walking around mewing about everything. I've never heard him vocalize this much. Telling us his story, I guess.

I'll have more to say about writerly things very soon. I'm trying to get that erotica collection tidied up so I can put it on Smashwords. As soon as I get all the kinks worked out - lol - typos, rather, it will be ready to go. Of course I'll mention it here once it's posted. That's all for now. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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