Monday, April 30, 2012

What She Doesn't Know

The erotica collection is finished, and has been released into the wild. {dusts hands} What She Doesn't Know is now available on Smashwords. The collection contains five short contemporary erotica stories.

The stories included are:
  • What She Doesn't Know
  • The Matador
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Her Favorite Position 
  • Roommates

Please note, this is not a romance title. All the short stories in this e-book contains graphic language and depict sexual situations between consenting adults. For readers 18 and older only.

You can buy a copy here:

Or, check out all the books I have on Smashwords here:

Now that's done, I'm on to the next project - wrapping up Twilight's Edge. I have more of a window to get that one finished, so there's not as much pressure. Good thing, too, since Spring Break is officially over for those of us living here in the land of La. Boo hoo. Everyone had to go back to work and school this morning against their will. Poor guys. Anyway, tonight, I have to complete an assignment for class on Wednesday, but once that's out of the way, I'll be free to focus on writing. Yay!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bogged Down In A Story

I'm currently bogged down in a story. It's very short, but it needs a few tweaks before it's ready to go. Once this one is finished, I'm going to take the rest of the day off. Or so I tell myself. I have one more story to clean up after this one, and I probably won't be able to rest (mentally) until I have both polished and ready for publication. From there I'll be taking everything over to the Smashwords Meatgrinder.

Poor hubby is having a hell of a day. He bought the CE edition of Guild Wars 2 so he could access the beta weekend, but all he's getting is error messages. He's not the only one, but that really sucks when you've paid $150 for a pre-order, hoping to access a beta you were guaranteed to have access to...and nothing. He's been staring at that same screen, fighting it with since early yesterday. I feel so sorry for the guy. We've both been online looking for answers. I've been keeping an eye on the Guild Wars twitter page, looking for updated news. So far, no dice.

In about two hours, I'm taking Mini over to my parents' house to spend the night. They said they'd like to spend time with him if we didn't end up going to Biloxi, which is exactly the deal. But the trip will just have to wait a little longer. Big Boy needs to have weekend liberty before we go. So, it's a bum-around-the-house kind of weekend. Perfect for writing. Not so great for two easily bored fellas.

Anyway, I finished revising a short story yesterday, and worked a bit on the fantasy romance. Toward the evening, I worked on GMC charts for my next Werekind book that I'm releasing this summer. I also read through all my course material for Friday. I still have an assignment to do, but it will have to wait until Monday. I just don't have time to get to it right now. That's not a problem, though. I don't have class again until Wednesday.

So there you have it...everything that's going on with me. Hubby brought home McDonald's for lunch, so I took a break to eat with Mini Bear. It's after 1, so I should get back to work. I hope you're all having a great Saturday. Happy weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finishing Touches

I took this pic on April 24th, 2012.
The Moon and Venus, I think.
Maybe Jupiter. 
I'm doing the Friday dance! I have class today, studying to do, and I have a few freelance projects to give a once-over and send back. Plus, I'm in the middle of cleaning up one of my own short stories. Lots to do today, but I'm not complaining.

This weekend I'll be putting the finishing touches on the erotica collection for release next week. I have two stories left in the collection to rework/polish. After that's finished, I'll be back working on the fantasy romance. I have a few scenes written on it, but I haven't had time to focus on the project as a whole. I'm trying to pull all my notes together on that one so I can sit down with it in May and write it out start to finish.

I noticed this morning my horoscope says: APR. 27, 2012

You will experience a major breakthrough, in which you feel much more stable about where you are. From this point of security, you will feel more comfortable taking leaps to the next level. Feel free to go further than you thought you could ever go.

I certainly hope that's true, especially where my studies are concerned! Too, that horoscope also applies to my Oldest, who really needs some inspiration and uplifting right now. He wasn't able to get liberty this weekend, so we had to call off our Biloxi trip until a later date. He's very bummed out about that, and so are we. But this won't be the only chance to see him. It just means we'll be going to Biloxi once Mini is out of school, and at a time Oldest is sure he has a pass to go off the base.

Anyway, time to get working on my to-do list for the day. Tonight, if I can finish everything early enough, I'm gonna sit down and watch a horror movie. I have Zombie Diaries 2 on DVD, and I'm itching to see it. {evil hand-wringing glee} That's all for now, folks. I hope you have a happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Shortage of Writing Opportunities

I'm finished with my assignments, so I thought I'd blog while I have the spare time. I'm still working to wrap up all the loose ends with the erotica collection. I'm trying to get that book out by Monday, and at the same time, I'm trying to work on two other projects. Right now it feels like everything is very slow going.

I finished rereading GMC, and I'm now going back through my fantasy romance. I think there are...eight characters throughout the book? Anyway, I'm doing charts for all of them to deepen their characterization. My one fear is that this book is going to grow beyond 85k. Yikes!

I have no idea what I'd do with a very long book like that, but I have to write this story. It's one of those ideas that's been percolating for several years, and it just won't go away. Every time I think I've finally convinced myself I can let the idea go, or I can't write this book, another piece of the puzzle falls into place, and the characters start taunting me again from the sidelines. So, if I'm ever to have any peace, I have to write this book.

On a slightly different topic, the sky is the limit with publishing opportunities these days. I have been seeing so many notices for writing opportunities and calls for submissions on twitter, Facebook, and through news outlets. Not only are there dozens of e-book publishing options, but I saw a notice earlier today on twitter that Virgin's Black Lace Books is relaunching in September.

Also, Harlequin has a new community forum that is much easier to use than the old system, and they have both fast track and pitch opportunities going on right now.

Another good sign of the strength of the market is the growing number of e-publishers hitting (and repeatedly hitting) the NYT and USA Today best seller lists. Authors from Samhain, Ellora's Cave, and Entangled have all hit the best seller lists. That's wonderful news for indie publishers and authors. It truly is a great time to be a writer.

Hubby just pulled into the yard, so I'm off to greet him, then I have to make a dash to the store. I'll post again when I have new news. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Colorful GMC

My copy of Debra Dixon's GMC is starting to look pretty colorful inside thanks to all the sticky notes, star markers, and highlighting scribbles. I decided to pick up the book again after listening to a really good YouTube video about character motivation a few days ago.

I took out my copy of GMC to compare notes with the video, but apparently I didn't save the video to my favorites, and I haven't been able to find it since. I about drove myself bonkers Friday night trying to find the video again, but decided it wasn't worth the effort when I could simply re-read the book.

I'm having little ah-ha moments while reading, and it seems like more info is sticking with me now than it did the last time I read it. As I work my way through the book, I'm filling in a GMC chart for one of my characters as a test. So far, so good.

Anyway, this week I have light revisions to take care of, and I have classes on Wednesday and Friday. Oldest called yesterday, and he told us that last weekend they had some kind of event on base that may throw off his liberty schedule. We're waiting to hear back on that. If he has liberty this coming weekend, we'll be leaving for Mississippi on Thursday. If not, I imagine we'll wait until Mini is out of school for the summer. It won't be much longer now, anyway. Two or three weeks. Something like that.

My time is up, so I have to go. Boo hoo. I didn't get to the books I recently bought from Amazon. Oh, well, I'll save that for next time I'm able to blog. More to come soon, I promise. ;o)

Happy Monday, everyone! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday : Writing, Editing, and Spring Break

Where has the week gone? It's been a blur for me. I've been so busy lately I've barely had time to keep up with the blog scene. I'm very sorry about that. I like to keep it as current as possible, but sometimes I simply run out of hours.

Last night, before bed, I wrote a pivotal scene for my fantasy romance novel. I also wrote a few throwaway backstory scenes to get a better grasp on my character's motivation. So far, so good. I'm working on it a piece at a time. It seems to come together better that way.

Earlier today, I tried to get in as much writing as possible. I did a couple of 1k in 1hour timed writings on twitter with Cassandra Carr, Shae Connor, and Lea Barrymire. That was very productive. I ended up with about 3100 words, and by the end of the day, working on my own, I wrote another scene which put me over the 4k mark. I'm totally satisfied with that.

That afternoon, I checked in on the college class, and painted blocks to use for sentence structure models. when they're finished, I'll take a picture and post them here, and on my DIY pinterest board. They're pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Very helpful, and they take up minimal space.

After that, I took a break. The bus arrived and I greeted Mini. Then I put the laundry in the wash. After dinner and Mini's bath, I went back to the office and did a quick pass over The Matador, a shorty story in the upcoming erotica anthology. The copy is marked up, but I still need to add the changes in on the digital copy.

Tomorrow is Mini's final day before Spring Break. He'll be out for a week, so next weekend, we'll be taking off for Biloxi Beach. We're going to get a hotel and visit Oldest over the weekend. I'm totally looking forward to it.  Oldest has text'd ahead several times to make sure we're going. ;o)

I have class tomorrow, but once that's shored away, I'm switching to revisions for a while. I still have reading to do, and I'm trying to wrap up a short story. I wrote two very emotionally intense scenes today, but I need to go back and tidy them up.

That's it for now. Wishing you all a happy Thursday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Projects and New Covers : Twilight's Edge

Miao says, Hi!
Happy Monday! It's been a crazy day of sorts. Hubby has been in and out of the house. He forgot to take his blood pressure pill before he left for work, so he had to come back home for it.

Only, when he got here and grabbed the pill pack, it was empty. We chatted for a few minutes, then he went off to the pharmacy for a refill, but his yearly prescription was up. That meant he had to drive to the doctor's office for a new prescription. Um, our doctor is closed on Mondays.

He made it back home around 11, and the promise Chinese buffet for lunch tempted him to go with me to pay bills and such. We didn't get home until right before Mini's bus arrived. Whew!

Despite all the craziness, I still managed to get a few writerly things accomplished. My website is updated, and I've assigned a release date for What She Doesn't Know, my erotica collection. I'll be releasing it on Smashwords April 30th, 2012.

Also, I finally have a cover image for Twilight's Edge - the re-imagined title for the collection of fairy stories that contains my previously published, erotic romance oak man story, At the Edge of Twilight. (originally published in 2007 or 2008) I looked and looked for weeks for a fitting cover for this book, and I'm very happy with this one. I did change the book's title. Twilight's Edge fit better on the cover, and is less words to search, so there you have it - in case you were curious about the reason for the title/cover name change.

Twilight's Edge
coming soon
Right now, Twilight's Edge is short novel length, and to date contains the novellas At the Edge of Twilight, and The Butterfly Prince. I'm waiting to hear back on a third story that's floating out in the wilds of submission land, and depending on what I find out, may or may not appear in the book. So, this one is still in production. I'll post more about it when I'm at a point where I can release it on Smashwords and Amazon. Ideally, I'd like to have three stories in there instead of two. We'll see.

A few more things about What She Doesn't Know... I mentioned a few days ago how I was pulling my hair out over the formatting. Well, Saturday, not long after I blogged, I downloaded a very helpful, and simple to use template from Sheila Guthrie on Scribd. What a relief to find a simple template. I highly recommend it for no-fuss book building. I use Office/Word 2010 and the template worked perfectly. No issues at all.

Now that my formatting issues are fixed, I just have to break out my red pen and read and reread everything until WSDK is polished and ready for release. I'm working on the volume a story at a time, and trying not to rush things.

Anyway, after these two books are released, I have another Werekind book slated for the summer, and a contemporary erotic romance for the fall. That should keep me busy in side projects for a while.

This week, I'm starting a class at the online branch of my local college. I'm taking a course in copy editing. Wish me luck! I will be in class for six to eight weeks, then I'll be tested for a certificate. Hopefully this will help with my self-publishing projects in the future.

I have whole lot of stuff going on, some of it I can't post on the blog, but I'll say that everything I thought of as being pretty stable is changing. Anyone else feeling a shift in energy?

Man, it's like it's coming in waves. Big changes. Stuff I have no control over, but it's stressful, because while not all of it affects me directly, in the long run, I guess it really does. So, I'm continually bracing myself for impact. I never imagined 2012 would be this hectic. But, I'm hanging in there. What else can you do but take things one day at a time?

That's all for now. Time to cook supper, and get Mini in the bath. I'll blog again when I have something to say. I hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday: Projects and Searches

It's Saturday night and here I am, glued to the computer, trying to find a good Smashwords template.

On the upside, I'm about 95% finished with my erotica collection. Yay! I have one more story to revise, and that leg of the journey will be finished. Once I'm done revising, I'll probably put it through my reading program and listen to how it sounds when someone else reads the stories aloud, then it's back to pulling my hair out over the formatting.

I've been using a pre-formatted template, but I am totally not feeling the love. I went back and stripped the formatting out of the document entirely, but still there are excess pages I can't seem to delete. I'm going to copy and paste the entire story into a new document and try again. Bleh. If that doesn't work, I'm going to start hunting for formatting tutorials on youtube.

Anyway, earlier this evening, I took all my setting pictures and made a story board collage to help keep the details of my dark fantasy/romance novel straight. I started out trying to piece together a land map of sorts with the pictures, but ended up with a timeline of places instead, which I think I like better.

Seeing the settings laid out as a time map made me question what happens between the gaps, and I came up with several ideas for new scenes. If this goes well, I may end up using pictures to create a time map again on a later project.

Nothing else to report at the moment, just trying to wrap up a few things and work on what's current. Well, I have to go put the clothes in the dryer, and it's after midnight, so I'm shutting down for the night. Happy weekend and pleasant dreams!

Friday, April 13, 2012

E-books, Revisions, Writing, and Home

Sassie Girl, my writing buddy.
Little Bear just made it home, so I'm closing the wip for a while. Once he changes into play clothes, and gets settled in with a snack and his afternoon cartoons, I may come back and try to get a little more written.

I'm writing today, because this weekend, I'm swapping over to revisions. I'm trying to get that erotica collection ready for Smashwords. I still have some clean up work to do, and the formatting is driving me up the wall. It won't be much longer now on that one, though. Maybe a week or so.

When I'm finished with WSDK, and I have it listed, I'll update my website with the cover for the novel I'm self-publishing next.

I don't know what I'm going to do with At the Edge of Twilight. I want to post it before summer, but I'm waiting to hear back on another fantasy romance story. If my publisher doesn't take my novella, I'm combining it with At the Edge of Twilight. That would make a good sized e-book for release, those two novellas together, the thing is, I have no idea how long it will take to hear back on this story. Either way the situation will work out, it's just going to take some time.

Next week, my class with LA Tech online starts. It's a copy editing class. Heaven help me. I've been out of school for a very long time. I hope to apply what I learn in this class to my own manuscripts. I'll be satisfied if it teaches me how to spot grammar and punctuation errors. We'll see how it goes.

On to other things... Earlier, around one o'clock, I boxed all Oldest's flash drives, his iPod, cord, and his tablet. After I wrote him a letter, I dropped it in the box and took it all to the post office and sent it to him. He's allowed to have a few personal things now that he's out of basic training. I boohoo'ed a little on the way home, but it's getting better.

We're going to Biloxi to see him when he gets his next liberty in two weeks. That same week, Mini will be out on Spring Break. That being the case, we're going to get a hotel on the beach and go pick big boy up to spend the day with us. When I talked to Oldest on the phone, he was looking forward to it. He even asked if MiniBear would be able to come with us. We couldn't take Mini with us to Chicago, but Biloxi isn't that far away. I told him yes, and he was glad he'd get to see his lil bro. He hasn't said so, but I think he kind of worries his brother will forget him.

Anyway, that's what's going on around here. I was going to my local RWA meeting tomorrow, but it looks like hubby has to work all weekend. I can't take Mini with me, and I don't have a sitter - I wouldn't trust anyone but family, anyway. So, I guess it will be just me and the Bear and the pets hanging around the house on Saturday and Sunday, not that I mind doing it. I just feel a little guilty missing that meeting, but there's nothing I can do about it. C'est la vie.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday : Micro Update

I've had a good writing day. I managed to solve a small plot issue that's been bugging me for a few weeks, and I've fleshed out my characters a bit more.

Tomorrow I'm planning more of the same. Writing, character fleshing, and plot wrangling. Ideally, I'd like to get a couple of scenes written. Even two would make me happy. I have an RWA chapter meeting this weekend, so I'm trying to get as much writing in as possible. And since I need to get this project out the door quickly, I'm revising it as I go. Typically, I don't like to do that, but I'm switching up the routine.

It's late, and I need to get Mini in the bath. I'm offline for now. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cheshires and Chores

My new character diary. Love that
toothy, Cheshire grin. :*)
Le'see...a quick post for today. Mostly, it's stuff I have going on. I made a break-through today on my wip, and I'm pretty jazzed about it. My heroine finally opened up so I can see all the issues that make her tick. Very exciting for me. I was wondering if I'd have to scrap her, and build a new heroine from the ground up. It turned out, I just needed to dig deeper.

I still have a lot of work to do, but this particular project is coming along nicely. I'm very happy with the way it's going. I hope it stays that way.

Yesterday, I got an interesting referral. I'm still trying to decide what to do with it. I have requests to fulfill first, and I'm working on that as fast as I can. I don't know. We'll see how that plays out.

This weekend I'm off to Bossier for the April Nola Stars meeting, so I'm trying to get as much accomplished as possible during the week. That way, I can take the weekend off and not feel guilty about it.

I have a few chores to do around the house. Last night the cat left enough white hair in the den to rake up into a pile. All I need to do if I want another pet is shape it into a mound and put some googly eyes on it. For real. The shedding season is apparently here. And so, the den definitely needs vacuuming before Mini gets home.

That's all for now. I better get to work. I hope you have a lovely Tuesday! :o)

Monday, April 09, 2012

Creepy House In A Creepy Dream

I just came in from walking SassiePup on the leash, and whoa mama, the yard smells fantastic. Honeysuckles are everywhere along the perimeter of the yard, and as we walked toward the back, I noticed the big shrub by back fence is now a tree - a jasmine tree. Hubby and I had talked about cutting it down a few years ago. I'm glad we didn't. We didn't know what it was then. Now it's loaded with white flowers you can smell from half way across the yard. Pure awesomeness.

Last night, I had a very vivid dream. I quickly wrote down what I could remember of it when I rolled out of bed. It's kinda creepy when I stop and think about. Anyway, here it goes... When it started, I was riding in this truck with an old man that I was related to in some way. I thought he was my dad at first, then I got a look at his profile and thought he looked more like my grandfather, who has been dead for over 20 years. Eventually I decided it must be some far flung relative I have never met before. That made me very uncomfortable in the dream, because the area we drove through was wooded, and quite remote. On top of that, he never spoke to me directly, and didn't seem to notice I was in the truck with him.

After a while, I realized we were driving through this area where I used to live, and I began to feel a little more at ease. That's when we reached the Crossroads store. I realized at that moment, we were going toward my old house, and as the driver slowed down to turn onto my road, that's when I saw this tall, skinny, barefoot country boy standing in the dirt and gravel along the roadside. He looked to be between 17-19 years old. Anyway, the teenager was wearing dirty overalls and thumbing for a ride.

When we turned the corner and drove past him, the teen's face changed from expressionless to very mean. He cursed at the truck, and I heard him yell, "Not smart, since I'm in walking distance of where you live!" Somehow I knew the teen was good for his word. The guy was dangerous. It was very disturbing. I got scared after that, and apparently so did the driver. Instead of turning into my old driveway, he turned in at my ex-neighbor's driveway. I guess he did it to throw the guy off, although it wasn't much of a deception since the gravel drive made a big U shape that connected all the driveways in that little cul-de-sac.

We pulled up in front of the A-frame, Arts and Crafts style house I used to live in, and instantly we were standing on the screened-in front porch. The house looked very different from when I was last there. Instead of country blue and white, the house was a light, caramel brown with redwood trim. Interestingly enough, the blue and white is what my mother painted the house. Caramel brown and redwood are the colors I chose for the first house hubby and I lived in. I even remembered that in the dream.

The porch had a ton of ferns and ivies, and potted palms and rubber trees. It was a veritable jungle up there. I loved it. There were wicker-blade ceiling fans going, and these two heavy-set elderly ladies were sitting in rocking chairs on the porch. I had this impression that I was related to them, too. One of the women, I think, was the driver's wife. The other lady was her sister. They knew me right away, and all I could think was that one of my grandmother's favorite places used to be the front porch. Every day, she'd take her tea and sit on the front porch and watch the traffic go by. It's a southern thing.

I walked over to the screen door, and it looked like the door from my childhood home, only painted redwood. I reached for it to pull it open, and stopped because that's when I heard one of the ladies talking to her husband about calling the police on that teenager down the street. I turned to watch him explain what had happened when we'd turned onto the front road, and the women were visibly upset. The old man said he'd go in and call the sheriff, but he couldn't find the door to get into the house. I called him over to where I was standing, and opened the door for him. The minute he stepped inside, he vanished. The house was empty of furniture. A ghost house. NO one lived there, and yet, I went inside anyway.

The house was a maze of oddly shaped rooms, just like the Winchester house. I wandered around looking through the rooms, and I remembered when I grew up in that house, my mom and dad's bedroom had a fireplace. The closet was right beside the fireplace, and when you opened the door, you could see the exposed brick. In that little cubby-area inside the closet, there were two trap doors. One went up to the attic. The other was literally a secret door. There was a small space around the raw brick that was just large enough for someone to hide in. You had to know where the door was to find it. My friends and I used to play hide and seek in that house, and that area of the closet was a favorite hiding space. I remembered this in the dream, and thought of the teenager on the corner. I decided I could hide from him in that closet if he came to the house.

I moved on and continued to explore. I could hear people in the house, but I couldn't find anyone. I went from room to room, opening doors. The house was far larger and had many more rooms than the real house I remember. I opened one door into an area that looked like Lincoln's Cottage in Washington, D.C. - the actual cottage is on the grounds of the Veteran's Home, where my father-in-law lived until he passed away last year. There were dark, square rooms with chandeliers. Others were rectangular with very old wall paper. I went up several flights of stairs, and the voices became louder and much clearer. I glimpsed daylight through a large window off to my right, and walked over to it. It was a loft with a gazing window. When I looked down below, it was like looking into a living diorama. I could see an antique sales floor and production area. It was a small, workshop bay for a plate factory. There were a lot of colorful plates, and workers were giving tours to small groups of people.

There were kids playing in one group, and one of the adults, a man in a suit, turned to one of the kids, a little boy who was dressed like a child from the 1920s. The man began yelling at him. I assumed it was the kid's dad, who was telling him to leave stuff alone before he broke something. The kid then purposely turned and started breaking plates, and it caused this chain reaction that broke almost every plate in the room. I didn't want to see the kid get in trouble, and I knew I couldn't change anything, so I walked on. Too, I knew it was only a matter of time before that teenager who was down the street "came to the house to kill us", and I wanted to explore other areas of the house, before I had to go hide.

I moved on to a darker area of the upstairs area, and through one of the doors, I could hear chimes. Music. Like what you hear when you open a music box. As I got closer to the door, which was painted the color of a pink rose that has been kept pressed in a book for a long time, I leaned my ear to the door and heard one of the "grandmothers", the old ladies from the front porch, talking inside the room. I wondered who she was talking to, and I opened the door.

It was a playroom filled to the brim with old stuffed bears from the 1920s, and porcelain-face baby dolls. Everything looked dusty, moth-eaten and old. There were vintage prams, high chairs, tea sets on tiny tables. And a little girl with light brown hair stood across the room with her back to me. I never saw her face. She didn't turn around, and didn't seem to notice I was in the room. She was playing with a working, mini roller coaster set that had a train of cars large enough to put dolls and bears in. The track ran around the whole room, which was probably 16x18. A good sized room. I was amazed at the elaborate old roller coaster set. It was made out of metal, and the cars were colored with cloisonne designs like what you'd see at a circus, or a county fair.

For several minutes, I watched the little girl play. She wore an off-white lace dress with a faded pink back bow, and I guess she was maybe seven years old. She put one of the dolls into a roller coaster car, and when she had the doll seated, she pulled the string on the doll's back, and the voice that came out of it sounded like one of the women downstairs on the porch. That was the voice I'd heard through the door. It scared me, hearing it come from a doll.

The little girl then walked two steps to the left and turned a switch, and the roller coaster took off. It carried the doll around the track, but the girl didn't turn to watch it. She stood there in the same spot, her hand on the switch, her face away from me. I assumed she was a ghost, and decided I better leave the room so she could play in peace. That's when I had the feeling that the teenager from up the street was nearby. The thought terrified me. Was he in the house already?

I blinked, and suddenly I was downstairs in the kitchen, and it was nighttime. The floor was black and white checker board tile, and all the appliances were a deep country blue, which made the entire room look darker than it really was. There were two windows, both diamond wire windows - one at the far end of the narrow kitchen, and the other one over the sink. The room, although clean, looked like it had not been used in many years. I went over to the sink and looked out into the yard. We used to have a swimming pool out there, but in the dream it was a pond, and a heavy fog rolled off of it.

I saw someone standing near the pond, and it startled me when I realized it was the dangerous teenage boy. But something had happened to him. At first I thought the old ladies from the porch had done something to him, although I didn't know what. Then it dawned on me he was like the little girl. He was a ghost. They were all ghosts.

I watched the teen walk over to the pond. He carried a lit, antique lantern in his hand. He walked straight into the pond, and went totally beneath the water. I stood at the window, nervous, not knowing what to do or what to expect. A few minutes later, I saw the lantern light underneath the water. The teen was coming up out of the pond, and he raised the lantern up out of the water first. Then he came up, arm, head, body, then legs. When he made it fully onto the bank, I noticed there were palm sized, fiery orbs of light following him out of the pond. Will o' wisps. Dozens of them. They were different pastel colors, pink, blue, yellow, purple and green, and moved like they were intelligent - or at least conscious of where they were going. The teen turned without saying a word and started leading them away into the fog. I realized at that moment, I was no longer in the kitchen. I was standing outside watching the procession of ghost lights.

I knew now the teenager was leading the spirits of the dead away. To somewhere. A new realm. Good or bad, I don't know. But it worried me, and I didn't dare follow him or the fiery orbs of light. Instead, I took off running in the dark, in the direction of the heavy, wooden gate my dad built for the end of our driveway back when we lived there.

The minute I went through the gate, I woke up.

Psychologically, the dream probably means I'm nuts, so I won't over analyze it, but I did think it was interesting enough to share. <wiggly eyebrows>

I don't have much else to write about for now. I'm working on some requested material, and cleaning up the erotica collection so I can release it on Smashwords later this month. Once summer rolls around (actually it won't be much longer since Mini only has a few weeks left of school), I should have more interesting things to blog about. Until then, I'll enjoy the slow times here at home. That's all for now... <3

Thursday, April 05, 2012

KippyCat Returns

KippyCat says it's time for ear rubbins.
Tomorrow hubby and mini will be home for Good Friday. You won't hear me complaining. I'm thrilled the work week is over a day early. Truthfully, I'm probably as ready for summer vacation as Mini is. I get tired of the routine after so many months. It won't be much longer now. The boy only has 23 days of school left.

I've almost got everything caught up from the trip - groceries, accounting, laundry, etc. Oh, and KippyCat came home! He wasn't anywhere to be found for those first few days after we returned from Chicagoland, and I've been so bummed about that. Then yesterday afternoon, right before Mini came home, I heard a mew mew mewing at the front door. I opened it, and a very skinny KippyCat dashed into the house.

Now, there was no excuse for Kipster to be so thin. I poured a huge pan of food for him to eat (he barely touched it), and two pans of water while we were gone. He also had his scratching post, litter box, kitty bed, and a window open so he could come and go from the house while we were away. But, apparently, because it's spring, he decided to go looking for lady cats. See the scratch on his face...from sowing his wild oats, no less. Silly Kippy. Nevertheless, we are very happy he's home. Apparently he is, too. All evening yesterday, all last night, and throughout the day today, he's been walking around mewing about everything. I've never heard him vocalize this much. Telling us his story, I guess.

I'll have more to say about writerly things very soon. I'm trying to get that erotica collection tidied up so I can put it on Smashwords. As soon as I get all the kinks worked out - lol - typos, rather, it will be ready to go. Of course I'll mention it here once it's posted. That's all for now. Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Where Have You Been?

Is it Friday yet?  Everyone in the house needs a break, but it doesn't look like anything is going to slow down until summer.

I'm still need to catch up on a few things, and I have a college course starting on the 18th, so I have to get my proposals sent, and a short project wrapped up between now and then.

Mini is off this Friday and Monday of next week for Good Friday/Easter Break. This is his last little break before Leap testing  next week. And yesterday Hubby found out he has been moved into the Mill of Doom to work on a project there for who knows how long. That place breeds unhappiness. We both dread it when he has to work there, but it's a job and a paycheck, so we're not complaining.

I'm a bit bummed that KippyCat is off roaming and hasn't called or left any emails. I left him a large pan of food, two enormous pots of water, his scratchy post, and his kitty bed in one of the bedrooms and cracked the window he likes to go in and out before we left for Oldest's Graduation. I don't know if he's been home since.

Hubby says he heard Kippy mew once when we came back, but I haven't seen nor heard him anywhere. I hope he's just out tomcatting around since its spring. There's a little fear in the back of my mind that he's moved on to the next house, though. Very sad. He came to us as a stray. Basically, he walked in the front door one day while we were unloading groceries, and he decided he lived with us. I knew at the time there might come a day he'd pack his suitcase and take a walk to wherever kitty cats like to go, but it's still sad when it happens. Mini is understandably upset about it, too. But who knows with cats?  Kippy could show up two months from now and act as if he never left. There's nothing we can do but wait and see.

That's it for now. It's after 12, and I still need to vacuum and make the bed. I want to get it done before Mini gets home. He did all his makeup work yesterday, but now we have to hit the weekly homework packet. Erg. Too much homework for these little ones. They barely have time to play. {shakes head}

Monday, April 02, 2012

Testing Mobile Blogger

I attempted to download the mobile blogger app while at the hotel in Crystal Lake, but I guess there was a block on downloads or a bandwidth limit. The download froze and I ended up deleting it, or so I thought.

I checked my email on my iPod when I woke up a few minutes ago and behold - the icon for blogger is visible. Forget sleep, I'be got to test this thing out.

It seems to work okay, although I don't think I can use pics with it. That seemed to have something to do with all the lousy reviews at the app store so I was expecting it.

Anyway, I'm back to work this morning. I have to get MiniBeast off to school in an hour...hmm, just checked the clock and I better make that twenty minutes. Wow time flies. Off for now. Hope this works!