Friday, March 09, 2012

Writing : Plotting : Proposing

Sorry so few blog posts this week. I haven't had a lot to say. I'm writing one story, plotting a second, and trying to pull together a few submission/proposal packages on a third - the third being a project I promised to send out fairly quickly.  I'm also currently enrolled in two writing workshops, and lately it's been a challenge to keep up with them. Busy, busy.

I have chapters to write, and I'm prepared to spend most of the weekend at my desk. It's a pain in the rump sorting through all this right now, but once I have everything finished and sent off to its corner of the planet, I will be free!  Free to do what, I don't know yet. Probably get myself neck deep in writing stories again, because I just can't seem to help myself. But I digress...

I need to wrap it up and make a dash to the store. The wind is fierce outside. Howling, and rattling tree limbs and all that. I hate driving when the wind is blowing this hard, because it batters the car around on the road. But what ya gonna do? Anyway, best to get it done before the rains starts again, right? Last night we had a major storm blow through and it knocked out the lights for hours. Yuck.The forecast is calling for more of it, so better take off while I can. TGIFriday, y'all. Happy weekend!

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