Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning : More Than Dustbunnies

It's a gorgeous day out there! I just took SassiePup for a walk and when we trotted out the front door, the first thing I saw was a black and yellow butterfly the size of my fist. It fluttered around in the bushes a second then drifted away toward the berry brambles. I didn't get a snap of the butterfly, but I did get one of our azaleas. Our bushes are loaded with flowers this year.

Early this morning, I did some spring cleaning. Today is actually the first day of the astrological new year. The sun has shifted into Aries (my rising sign), and it's also a new moon tonight. A perfect day for new beginnings...and for clearing out certain aspects of our life so we can move forward with a clean slate.

A few hours ago, hubby and I still had boxes in our bedroom full of his dad's things. Stuff we brought back with  us from Washington D.C. when we went to clean out his room at the soldier's home. We haven't looked at any of it since we returned from the trip. It's been sitting in front of my bookshelves since August of last year. I've been stepping and sweeping around the boxes for months, up until this morning, when I had this sudden revelation that it was time to pack it all away for good.

I de-boxed and sorted through everything. I put dad-in-law's CDs on our hallway shelf, and sorted old papers from cards and photographs. I put everything not so important in plastic zipper baggies and repacked it with the big stuff, like dad-in-law's old file folders and Bible notes - there were many - into a plastic storage tub. Honestly, I'm glad I went ahead and did it. I don't think hubby could've handled packing his dad's things away a second time. But in order to fit the bin in the closet, I had to clean out the closet completely and rearrange everything to fit.

Hubby and I use that closet for clothes and storage, and I didn't realize how messy it had gotten toward the very back until today. I took all the folded blankets, and any loose clothing on the shelves and put it in the wash. Then I went and stripped our bed of sheets and blankets, and tossed that in the washer, too. I reorganized the clothes, folded and draped some on hangers, and the last thing I did was put that silver bin away full of dad-in-law's things. It felt very final when I was finished. On the other hand, I don't think our room has had such a thorough cleaning in years.

At the very back of the closet, I'd found a box of old paperback books, and I took my time sorting through all those. I don't know why I kept half of them. All the old Harlequins I put in a giveaway box for the charity bin down the street, and I moved all the rare horror novels onto the book shelves. There weren't many, maybe five. All out of print. I dusted everything down after that, and whatever was left, it's going to be recycled. Our bedroom now looks like a completely different place, free of sad memories and clutter. Truth be told, I'm perfectly satisfied with that.

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