Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday: Info Stuff For Writers

Hubby brought home flowers today!
I think I'll keep him. ;*)
Happy Saturday! A quick update for the weekend. Harlequin is doing a fast draft from March 14th - April 23rd. One entry per person. Submit during the fast draft and you'll hear back within one month. Awesomeness. If you're looking to write for Harlequin, this is a fantastic opportunity. Here's the link:

Also, I updated my website with a free downloadable file on the For Writers page. It is a .pdf file with a bundle of three character sheets for creating paranormal characters: general paranormal, vampire, and werewolf. Filling out these sheets won't build complex characters for you, but they are great for printing and using in your story bible so you won't forget little details about your characters. I still haven't uploaded them in my Scribd account yet, but will do that soon. In the meantime, they are exclusive to my website.

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