Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Restless Waiting

Today is house cleaning and packing day. Right now I'm waiting for the blankets and sheets to finish washing so I can toss them in the dryer. Once that's done, there won't be anything left except dishes hubby and I use between now and in the morning. After I get the beds made, I'm going to flop and maybe drag out the wip and work on revisions. It's been kind of hit and miss with writing these past two or three days. There's been so much to do, and it's on such short notice. And I still feel like I'm going to forget something.

In a little while, I have to get Mini's stuff together to take to Mom's. SassiePup is already over there, along with her bed, her furry squeaky toy, and her kibbles. And oh jeez, she's not a happy girl. Poor thing. Her morning started out with a bath. Just dreadful! Then she had to go on a ride in the car - another of her big dislikes. As you can probably imagine, she was quite upset we had to leave at my Mom's house. Think big brown sad puppy eyes. Wah. We're hoping she'll be in better spirits when we take Mini over there after school. I'm pretty sure she's not going to let little man out of her sight once he gets there.

Anyway, I better get off my bum and do something productive. I feel all too slacker-ish sitting in front of the computer when I guess I could be packing or calling or...well, something. Restless much, right? :o) I hope you all have fabulous week. I'll get back to blogging once I'm hope again. Take care! ~ CZ

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