Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday : Kicking Off My Flip Flops

Mercury retrograde is kicking my tail. I'm running behind on everything. Wednesday, my plans were blown out of the water early on. Nothing went right. Thursday morning, I woke up from a bizarre dream of some guy literally "hitting on me" on the bus. I managed to fight back in the dream, but woke up with a pounding migraine, so that pretty much explains the guy punching me in the head when I kept telling him "no". It was after noon before I managed to tamp down the headache. Definitely no fun, although my mom - I talked to her on the phone for about an hour  - thought the dreams were quite entertaining. Needless to say, after two days of frustration and pain, I'm ready for the weekend!

I'm neck deep in projects right now, but I think I've managed to arrange my schedule so I can handle everything on time. I'm currently revising the story I finished a few days ago. That's my weekend project. On my to-do list after that, I need to do one more editing pass on a novella length story I'm supposed to release through Grrl X next month. I have the temporary cover in place, but I still haven't cover shopped for it yet. That's kinda coming down to the wire. I really should take care of the cover issue soon.

Going through my old wip files earlier this evening, I came across a contemporary erotic romance that I finished a few years ago. It's technically polished and ready for submission, and I can't remember what stopped me from sending it in. I read through parts of it earlier, and it's not bad at all. I may actually want to expand on it when I get a few spare minutes. It's not far off from being short novel length. Interesting.

Tomorrow, hubby and I are doing taxes. Oh so fun. Not. But he's taking the day off so we can do this while Mini is in school. I also need to get the oil changed in my car. So, Friday is shaping up to be a day full of domestic errands.

Speaking of Friday, it's already after midnight. Crap. Time goes by so fast!

It's bedtime for me. I need to wrap up a few things before I go on to bed. Oh, another thing on my list for I'm buying a bottle of wine, and when the day is done, madame is breaking out the stemware and kicking off her flip flops. Ahoy, Friday!

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